Ask a hundred different people about how to deal with stress and probably get the same answer …

Which can lead to more stress …

And there lies the key.

Stress is often caused by too much information in too many places.

There is more information from day to day than a person who has received it a few centuries ago throughout his life. And that without taking the Internet into consideration.

No wonder we're tense sometimes.

Of course, other people's opinions may also be interesting. But you do not have to take them all on board. If you try, you'll just be crazy.

It's so important to be calm every day to stay alone. The answers you find are in your hands, you just have to set it up. Something Better & # 39; it just seems to bubble up & # 39; from within. So if you're disturbed, do not hesitate to chat with your friends if you feel better. Just do not think that every opinion has to be taken into account on board.

Never feel guilty if your opinion differs from others. The biggest misery of life is trying to fit in with & # 39; another dharma. Dharma is just another name for life. A good example of this is the story that often occurs in the film:

The child is upset because his mother / father must follow his footsteps. Never estimate how traumatic this is. If something does not suit you and you try to recover it, it can cause a lot of pain …

Just think about trying to fit the ugly brothers in the Cinderella slipper!

So, if you are in a state of stress, ask yourself:

"Am I or am I trying to do something the other wants me to be?"

The path to happiness is your true self. This, in turn, makes the people around you happier because they give them the permission. & # 39; to be themselves.

So spread happiness if you are right for yourself.

Have fun!

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