As part of my training, one of my teachers spent an endless day doing nothing, early in the morning and in the evening. I had to sit in a field all day without moving my body – she said I was moving my eyes slowly, sideways.

What did I pay attention to? What is the wind coming from? Does the cloud appear to contain large amounts of moisture? Dark on the bottom side and light on top? If so, sometimes it will rain.

If the birds fly, circulate or go straight? Water birds fly to where can there be water? If you are looking for water, sometimes you have to go in the direction.

There was no particular significance for all the things that were observed – the point was not to escape anything from my consciousness to acquire search and vision.

If you see any movement, do not rotate your head quickly, just slowly move your eyes to one side. If you turn your head too fast, the little animal or the bird that sits on a limb of a tree will fly. If you feel still, you feel it is not harmful – they accept and approach.

I discovered that the peripheral part of the field of vision can read the movement better than looking straight ahead. You can also listen to the sounds of the area. Have you heard a cow? He had a bell, right? Have you heard a horse snoring? If you can register in your mind about the common voices in your area, you can immediately get unusual things.

You can use these observation skills in the city, where the warning may be even more important. As you walk down the street, listen to one corner on the other side of the street. Safe? Are there people or situations that seem dangerous to you? You must be aware of everything around you and save your life.

I often went into the box because I felt I was missing things and I was not satisfied with my own performance. My teacher didn't tell me to go back – he started me, but then I continued myself so often.

I used to go to the zoo and glance at the tigers. A tiger looks at me and look back at him. I do not know how long I stand there, but I decided not to look first – I kept going until the tiger finally looked. I think the dam inside us gave me some confidence, but at the same time I felt like I was in contact with an enemy animal – that was what I represented. From here I go to a lion and do the same. I was very fun, and no one could tell me what I was doing just as if I was standing there watching the animals.

Occasionally, I keep the tiger commands, not verbally but in my mind. I present the thought: "Turn around. Turn right now. It was very stubborn, but you have ever turned around and continued until I wanted to turn shorter and shorter. Neither Dave nor Daniel suggested it

We can apply the observation to almost every lifetime. orange and round

"What else can you see on it?"

"It's about everything."

"Your observation is very limited. You can tell me where he was hanging on a limb. You can also see pores on the skin and some stripes and discoloration. how difficult? What is he doing? What is Capacity?

They thought they had seen everything they knew, and yet they could find more while they were trying. They could sell much more over time, and we helped me teach them that they wouldn't go to school. I learned that I was watching the country in Oklahoma and taught them to do it.

If you don't think the observation is so hard, try sitting for 20 minutes. If the nose itches, do not scratch. If the foot is cramped, do not touch it. These are the things that must be overcome during the observation. This is an extensive training that allows you to take an entire situation in seconds.

After college I went to the army where I taught my hand to fight – how to beat a man, kill the punches, how to disarm a person who comes with a gun or knife. It was a fight for survival, for killing.

All in all, I did not feel too good about some of the things I had to teach, but when I accepted the country to protect it at all costs, it included it. Maybe it was different from a pistol – you stepped away from the victim – but the hand in hand wasn't too good for me, so while I was good, I tried to find other ways to insert it

Occasionally I had the opportunity to ask for intelligence and I did a test until we didn't narrow down to five. During our last test, we interviewed the general. We all sat in the outside office waiting for us to go one after the other. I was next to the last one.

"Tell me how many furniture in the outside office."

I immediately told him.

"Where was the table?"

I told him and the seat of the chair.

"Anything else on the desktop like paperwork?"

"Yes, there were some dried dandelions in the pot in the right corner."

"Was something on the walls?"

"Yes, two pictures. One was from Washington and needed straightening, sir."

"OK Next."

This was our test – when we observed anything. I was the only one of the five.

This is one of the great teachings I received during my training in Oklahoma, taught by a man that I don't think he has passed the seventh grade at school. He said, "One thing is to live a long time – another thing to learn something at this time."

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