I was very angry last time. Because of physical conditions, I have to sit in a chair to do a lot of tasks near the floor. It was time to empty the trash as it was overcrowded. As I picked up the corners of the plastic bag used to hold the garbage bags, a wet coffee filter was filled up with the café used. More mess. More work. Uncomfortable work, because I really had to bend the pain to clean it. Someone did not fit the old coffee filter properly into the trash. I was angry, to put it mildly.

Here is the saving grace of the situation as far as I'm concerned. Now, I freely admit it because I do not want to be angry at the disproportionate situation. I was tired, I was pained, the filter was placed negligently. I'm leaving the balance. The grace for me to come out of this situation is that I have learned enough that no one should accuse me. I've learned not to cripple the desire if it is not when it is in such a situation.

I'm not releasing myself from the annoying reaction. I say that I learned something about my anger and practiced that in practice. Casting the vitriol when it gets outraged is no good. Usually the situation is worse. Things say it should never have been. Feelings are hurt when triggering malicious accusations without the truth or the consequences.

This knowledge was about the inadequacy of whimsical barfing, which was the saving civilization of the moment. In other words, I did not get angry, because I was killing innocent people around me. Or even damage the person in charge of the wet filter with a coffee maker to accidentally die. I did a lot of clutter to clean it.

Let's just look at this little piece of anger control in this article. In obvious moments when you are not angry, you know that deceiving deceit is a bad policy when dealing with others. Prepare this knowledge for the foundation stone on which to build anger. The strength based on knowledge and wisdom helps to control anger on an internal basis. Now I know. Develop this knowledge into wisdom. Do not try to handle all your anger at once. Follow him a stone at a time. The first groundbreaking rock is the consciousness that the non-random appearance of verbal acid is a good thing. Wisdom is to know that you are angry, but keep things out of your mouth that are non-personally related. "I swear, I swear." "Oh, I swear, more clutter to me to clean it." Is this picture graphic enough to reflect on it? Leave people and personalities and everyone will be much better. You make a significant step in controlling anger.

You know, he can still express himself. But this term was not limited to personal attributes or outputs. If the anger is less personal, it is less harmful, both angry and around, or affected.

Learn this knowledge now. Think about it in your mind. Accepts it to use it when needed when the excessive indignation catches you. Be sure to express yourself literally, if necessary. But leave others and pets. The strength based on knowledge and wisdom helps to control anger on an internal basis.

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