It is very easy to search for birthdays to pick the first one you meet, but do you really say what you want to say?

When looking for birthday poems for cards or gifts, it's important to find the words that convey the right message. You do not want to send a friendly friendship to a nasty, gentle birthday poem if your friendship is not like that. And you do not want to send partner birthday poems that are funny if you want to tell them how much you like.

Birthday poems can be written in many ways, some are sorted by the pages, others are taught by tears, so it is important to have a vision of the subject before looking for birthdays.

For example, a birthday poem for a very special colleague who took young people under his wing as if he were a child of his own. Can be written as follows:


Hello, Nancy, you are a very special person, I just wanted to say that I am proud of you, we are very proud of who you are and we are very proud of what you are doing.

And we know that today is your birthday, so we hope you have a great day because you've been taking care of us since our very first day, you've taught us everything to succeed.

In fact, you have fallen under the magic wings of us like this wonderful, protective mother chicken, and since then we've been looking at you because you share your wisdom over and over again.

He teaches us about family values ​​and that ethics in work never end, but most of all, and this is the best part, it is an honor for us to call friends.

In fact, you treat us like one of your children, and this is a great delightful place, and we just wanted you to know that you are special, and tell the world to Christ and me.

You love, take care, are mentally and very positive and have many other features that are thoughtful, motivating, inspirational, and we never know anyone who is half kind.

You really mean a lot to us, in fact, probably not enough on Earth because we know your friendship and know exactly what it is.

So we want you to read this verse often, so you reminded yourself of how wonderful you are, because if our admiration is far away, this would be far more distant than the farthest star.

And I just wanted to say a happy birthday, I think these are really the words here, nancy, Nancy, it's just wonderful, and here's our eternal friendship.

Copyright Allen Jesson 2008

What a birthday poem you choose to send, always spending as much time as you can, reading as many birthdays as you can until it gets right.

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