I'm writing for a long time about your self-image and the many tricks you use to keep control. There is also a trick I have not mentioned to prevent you from changing your life that will allow you to attract more from what you desire in your life.

Even if you chose to leave your heart after dreams; even if you are committed to the change process; even if they were able to participate in the process; and you may be able to successfully put the core of desires into the creative subconscious, and your self-image has another card in the game.

The brain's natural tendency to have enough knowledge to find the best scenario to get what it wants. He thinks he can predict what steps should be taken to achieve it. In other words, your image encourages you to dictate the universe to create your desires.

Create the temptation! Consider this. Your (conscious) mind to which it depends depends solely on your experience, which is likely to have no experience in the desire area. If you have experience in the field of desires, you will probably enjoy life with such desires.

The universe has not only all the experience, but all the experience that everyone who has ever lived and lives. It has access to all existing, known and unknown laws. It has access to every particle of visible and invisible material that has ever been or will ever be. You know how to do something and everything because you have created all created things.

The problem of trying to predict a series of events that puts your desires into experience is that it basically tells the universe that it changes the subject of focus, so it changes its purpose, and forecasting and forecasting does not want anything.

After a while, you do not see seemingly evidence that your prediction produces your desires, you usually abandon the experiment and slowly fall back into the magnet of your old self.

Keep your attention to the desired result, nothing else. Do your job. HOW is the universe of the universe. Let her work. Keep the emphasis. When your self-image receives the message that you have decided to succeed, it will lead the way. The subconscious mind accepts itself that it really desires the purpose and takes its own processes with the desire to seed it. Once the subconscious recognizes you have to create your desires for you. You have no choice in the matter and will provide you the fastest way.

I know this for sure. You can claim or re-enforce the power of your own mind. You are the most beautiful living creatures on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so amazing that when you really start controlling your consciousness and using it consciously, there is no dream you can not reach.

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