Despite the fact that the power left is so vital to regulating the power of your mind, the overwhelming majority of people are usually ready to throw the towel at the first sign of difficulty. Unfortunately, only a few pairs continue until the mind is under the power. In order to better change your life according to your wishes, QUITTING IS NOT POSSIBLE! Your emphasis and efforts are constantly being directed towards the most beloved desires, the burning desires, as stated by Napoleon Hill.

Here's a quick and easy test that you can do to determine whether desires are burning or not. Sit for a while and rest your mind as much as you can. Bring one of your desires into your mind screen. Look at yourself in your mind, because you already have it and you are enjoying your lust. Focus on all your wills. Now, notice the positive emotions you are beginning to feel (these feelings must be positive, in other words, feel good). Reuse your will and increase your emotions as much as you can. To have a burning desire, feelings (or emotions) must be stronger than any fear you can imagine to experience your desire.

Scattered and missed efforts no longer serve you as an occasional fire that warms up during the frosty winter season. I do not suggest that your efforts should start at full speed, as if you were running a sprint. Slow start is not a sin. In fact, it may be slowly starting to be a blessing for you. Sustainability is what you need to look for. Maintain the emphasis and effort to master the power of your mind.

You may know here and now that one or more of your fears are awesome in your subconscious mind and will surface when you begin to travel. The first fear most people face is the fear of criticism, the fear that people think or say. When your environment and the surrounding areas around you scream to stop your impact so that all your efforts do not bring visible results, etc., Quickly turn your attention to such thoughts and focus on your wishes, goals, and intentions.

Always take another step. A new try, then another and another. Never allow yourself to attach the "quitter" title to your name. Repeat your confirmation. Think of a more positive idea of ​​the desires that feel good. You did not get the number of steps you need, how many attempts you need to do, how many times you need to repeat the confirmation so you can experience your desires. If he persists, he succeeds.

Be like ants, an elephant, the Grand Canyon, or rain drops that kill a mountain. Clear your mind from words such as exit, can not, fail, and impossible. If they continue to appear, quit the thesaurus, find antonyms for each of them to appear and replace your new comrades.

I know this for sure. You can claim or re-enforce control of your mind's mind and bring more desire to your experience. You are the most beautiful living creatures on earth. You are a possessor of a mind so powerful that when you really begin to handle the power of your mind and consciously use it, you have no dream that you can dream of being unavailable … until you stop.

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