Do you remember when you were a child on a bed lying on your belly, a colorful book open, a crayon in his hand, and the other chalk out of the box? Do you remember the feeling of peace and experience that you felt during coloring? Why not consider this favorite childhood pastime to help you feel at the time you felt.

Coloring is one of the best forms of meditation

Many of us, when we are thinking about coloring, are the innocence of childhood and a time when responsibility and expectation have not been burdened. If you can repeat a crayon once again, it can help us relaunch the sense of simplicity that we have lost temporarily.

You may think of coloring to let your inner child come out, be entertaining or this activity is the form of meditation. Choosing the colors and the gentle, repetitive movement of your hands as you bring color to the paper helps keep your mind quiet – bringing your usual quick fiery thoughts at a slower pace.

Now that you are an adult, there is no limitation

You can not only authorize the color outside the lines, you can simply keep your coloring or become as sophisticated as you want.

For less than $ 10 you can buy a jumbo coloring book and a box of Crayola pencil. Nothing can be compared to the smell of new pencils and to re-distribute your favorite colors, and to open a new color book and view all of the features before choosing the color of the first page (19659004). there are many websites that offer free, color-coded color pages.)

Crayons may have discoloration, and you may want to use color with something different and different. Pencil crayons and felt gloves are affordable alternatives. But you might want to spend a little extra money and try color pencils, Conte Crayons, oil pastes, pastels, or watercolors.

Nowadays, many color publishing libraries are used to promote and promote children's movies or TV cartoons. Flowers, foods, animals, etc. Finding books with basic illustrations is a bit harder, but not impossible. Thematic coloring books are often the best sellers.

Additionally, if you feel you have to bring intellectual stimulation to your coloring time, there are several painting books that contain anatomy illustrations. They say it is one of the most effective ways for medical students to get to know the complexities of the human body with a detailed depiction of the various body parts.

Would you like to get some risk? There is also an adult-themed coloring book.

For a true meditative and spiritual experience, pick up the pre-made mandala design or make your own color. The mandala is a complex, symmetrical geometric shape that pulls the eye toward the center. Many religions use mandalas as a means of linking one to a higher power. In Buddhism, mandalas are created as sacred places that by their presence remind us of the power of the universe inherent in its universe and its possibilities in its own lives. Creating the mandala is a very powerful and sacred experience.

Think of coloring as a creative hotfix

We all love creating it. But some of us paintings and / or drawings are not our strengths. And for those who do not enjoy painting and / or drawing, it's sometimes difficult to find time to start a project. Coloring is the perfect creative acceleration for everyone. It's time to experiment with colors and plays in an easy, convenient and affordable way.

Coloring with kids can be inspirational. How about you invite some of your friends to tea and some color? And for artists who do not feel comfortable working on a standard medium, why not use coloring rather than rejuvenating creativity?

More Than Stress Relief

Coloring is used under formal therapeutic conditions such as eye-hand coordination and healing of injuries. Regardless of what you need, you have to win to eat the coloring.

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