I recently discovered relationships from the point of view of the individuals concerned, which is astrologically called "synastry." Each of the two members of the relationship looks separately for their own personal relations. After each one has been described individually, the comparison between the two describes the intimate details of their story. However, there are several ways to connect. The moment that every pairing is done will create a new dynamic that is called a relationship. There are so many levels of relationships: parents and children, marriages, bosses and workers, teachers and students, brothers, lawmakers, law and sinners, doctors and patients, stalkers and victims, clergy and parish, some mention. ] Regardless of how many people we meet and the circumstances we meet with them, a unique relationship exists within a second period that did not exist before that moment and disappears if the two concerned do not choose to continue. Some such meetings are short, for example, a waitress who gives a cup of coffee. Some people live like family members or married partners.

The bond between the mother and the child is unique at birth. After refusing her father to be present at birth for many years, the medical institution is currently encouraging her father to participate. The ever-experienced double-second bond of the mother is now available to the father. Yes! Nothing is equal to the incredible moment, and nothing can capture it if it has passed without her father's participation. The mother does not really have a choice in giving birth; participation is mandatory. Many years ago I held a Joseph Chilton Pearce workshop where I discovered the birthday process. I went back immediately and told my son and pregnant wife to be sure that both of them were part of the birth process if that was all possible. Many grandchilds later, my whole family encourages this experience because of the attachment at birth.

Suppose I have ten friends. All pairs give you a unique friendship. It does not take away anything with the other nine friends and it will increase all of our lives for such friendships. I'm better and my girlfriend likes our friendship. If I am a better person for friendship, I will be better off to my other friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Whatever you do with the positive addition of the personal dimension, I will do everything I do and all, my positive self. Conversely, if I'm in a negative relationship, negativity also affects other relationships that I'm involved in if I have somehow reduced or jeopardized the experience of that relationship. They are reduced, so I'm less of a person than I can be with everyone I contact.

It seems that relationships are usually parts or stages. There is an initial introductory part … at the beginning. Then the process, duration and nature of the relationship follows. The third stage may have to do with completing or ending. It loosely translates to a beginning, a middle and an end. I'm sure there are other divisions or sections. Every stage has many opportunities for experience, as each relationship is unique. Astrologically, we can easily examine the potential of any connection (start) and see the reality of the relationship (the middle and possibly the end). Sometimes the potential and reality of the relationship works harmoniously. What we see is what we get. Other times, the connection does not reach its potential. What we see is not what we get. It would be useful to compare both the possibilities and the reality to determine which relationships have a greater chance of success in real life. In this article, we examine the potential of the link using the complex wheel. The reality of the relationship is described in a companion article.

The way to create a complex wheel is to start with the birth (birth) wheels of both affected individuals. In short, there are 13 main points that are astrological in traditional terms: the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets, rising, midheaven, and moon nodes. Thirteen points for each person are possible from a 360-degree circle. These points are created by creating two days, two moons, two ascents, and so on. After you receive these sums, divide them by two and enter the new digits of the complex wheel. Example: Sun # 1 and Sun # 2 divided into two equal to the composite Sun. The new wheel is called traditional rules and is called complex. In modern times, our computer-generated wheels will do our best for you. She has a wheel.

At this point you have to do a very unusual thing in your mind. You have to decide to think about the individual concerned and to focus on the relationship as an entity. This wheel is not of individuals, regardless of how much an individual wants to take in his or her own direction. This map is about the potential of the relationship that is not the individual people involved. I repeat the potential word for one reason. Because of the mathematics concerned, this artificial wheel assumes that the two people in each other are halfway between 50 and 50 times, and this is not possible in all societies. It must be given and taken over by the two people involved, but balancing on all issues is fantasy. The complexity allows you to view the idealized potential but does not fit the current time of experience. Why?

At the start of every sensible relationship, stakeholders are highly hoped for contact and are best placed to ensure that the relationship continues. This is unnatural behavior because neither of us can be happy with our best behavior. Sooner or later we're going to rest (for us) and this will change the relationship. It is not false or intentional, natural. Most of us do everything we need to link and then relax. Over time, the potential created is not necessarily our actual experience. It may be disappointing and disappointing, but it may not be intentional. Finally, they will all be right for ourselves, as the "ideal" means "reality". If we have made a mistake about placing one of them on the pedestal, it can be devastating because one or both of them fall off the pedestals. The consequences of such falls can be very nasty.

Composite is a technique that has been readily available for astrologers for years as manual castings and computer prints. It is a great tool for discovering the potential of the relationship and is the most popular choice among astrologers worldwide. The alternative is called the link wheel and is based on reality, but it is extremely difficult to calculate by hand. With the appearance of computer prints this wheel becomes more and more accessible. The information and experience packet to support alternative technology is growing, but much more information is available for complex technology. The relationship in the initial phase can be such a pleasure. Our imaginations and our long-lived desires flourish as we explore the possibilities. The question will be whether the ongoing relationship meets our expectations? Not the people who disappoint us. Our unrealistic expectations are causing frustrations and frustrations. A person on a podium has one direction and is off. Perhaps we can discover that the brilliant armored knight is rusty, nasty, or that the women concerned can not be the virtuous Maid Marion.

  • The Composite Day describes the inherent nature and identity of the couple's relationship potential with signature and the arena of the most powerful influence in the house.
  • The composite moon describes the nesting and emotional composition of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where these issues are played out of the house.
  • Composite mercury describes the communication and decision-making function of the pair's relationship potential with the signal and the arena where this house is played.
  • Composite Venus describes the ability, social and financial values ​​of the couple's relationship potential in the sign and in the arena where this house played.
  • Mars is complex in linking potential action, impressive and aggressive features in the arena where this house is played.
  • Composite Jupiter describes the extensive, philosophical and worldview of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where this house is played.
  • The Saturn composition implements the traditional, responsible, organizing function of the couple's relationship potential and the arena where he will play in the house.
  • The Uranus composite describes the forward-looking, unconventional, unusual aspect of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where this house will play. Chemistry?
  • Composite Neptune describes the imagination, inspiration, or cheating function of the couple's relationship potential in the signs and in the arena where this house played.
  • Composite Pluto describes the strength, manipulation, or obsessive / compelling function of the couple's relationship potential in the signal and the arena where this house is played.
  • The composite rise shows a couple of projects, their face-to-face capabilities, and the response of the pair's relationship potential to the environment. (Ascending is the tip of House 1). So they see each other in touch.
  • The complex midheaven shows that the couple is pointing towards goals, nature, and potential, while pointing to a pair of team-specific potential. (The midheaven is 10 th house cusp). This expresses that the couple must either reach or fulfill.
  • The complex north-moon junction shows the interaction of the groups and the collective influence of the outsiders on the relationship potential of the couple in the signal and in the arena where this house will play.

The traditional use of considerations illustrates the relationship between complex planets and points. I reduced the strength to 5 degrees, because the compound is a construction rather than real time and spatial.

Always remember that complex and reading is about a couple, not about individuals. Write down the potential word in the readings because the composite represents what the relationship is and how it will work if the couple meets each other in 50% of all questions.

Composites are very valuable in the initial phase of the relationship this people see and experience. If you are concerned about what you see in a complex astrologer, it is not easy to get the participants to clarify the concerns. The connection is through the filter of wishes, needs and expectations. They want it to succeed, so it's hard to accept that problems can get bogged down. Sometimes it must be raining on a man's march to point out all the looks, and not just positive ones. Real-time verification takes place in a dating site based on real-time calculations. Stay tuned

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