Mentally stressed, tense, exhausted, frustrated? People call me a psycho? Are you thinking of suicide?

Wait a second, I'll try to figure out the facts about my problem for me, you and many more. Since you are not the only one who raises such questions, but many people are struggling with similar problems and most of them are afraid to discuss it with others.

Try to answer the following questions: "Yes" or "No":

  1. Do not you trust other people?
  2. Do you love someone and worry a lot?
  3. Do you think too much?
  4. I'm feeling
  5. Do you have enemies?
  6. Is there any new song in every new day that annoys you?
  7. If you talk to each other outside your place, you feel it
  8. Do you think there is a conspiracy against you?
  9. Do you think there is some black magic, evil or any negative power that prevents you from having something in your mind that you are not sure whether this is reality or not?

Okay, keep reading if you have a response to the "Yes" question on the next question. Let me tell you first, I'm not a psychiatrist and I will not suggest you to offer the same solutions that you usually hear from a psychiatrist such as:

  • Need a trip or a trip
  • Need a good gathering
  • with work
  • Think positively or bla bla …
  • Why not? That's because I think you can not stop these issues until you're mentally prepared for that. Understand that these cases do not arise within a day or two. It took a long time for these questions to take place within you so it will not leave you in one or two days. I will write a series of articles on this topic, this article is the first in the series and every article will help you to return to normal life.

    Go back a little bit to the past and think what's going on in a day or a week that will upset you and now what's going on in your mind that stresses you. What I'm trying to say is that you get a new theme each day, which is outrageous and every new problem replaces the last one. Like yesterday, I was worried that I was thinking of "my test result," but today I'm worried that I'm thinking of my financial problems. I ignored yesterday's question or looked at it, and now I'm paying attention to today's question.

    If these are the reasons why I call you a psychopath, I think the whole world is a psycho because somehow everyone has at least one similar problem that we discussed above. Although I have described only a few factors, while professional psychiatrists have many factors that are supposed to be mental issues. For example, "if you use cell phones often, this is a matter of mental health". Let's move on to positive things: Not all comments that people give you have to be taken into account in a negative context. Find good and positive items such as:

    • Do you think so much? If so, then it shows that there is creative thinking.
    • Are you talking to yourself? If so, you are an interesting person.
    • Is anyone worried? If so, then there is true love.

    The only thing we can do wrong is sometimes losing control over your mind. It looks like your mind checks you and you accept all the crap you say to you. So start to regain your calm with your commitment to having enough strength to guide your mind. This topic is so broad and I will write more. I hope this will help you and will be able to solve every problem once a day.

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