Beliefs are shaped by perceptions and experiences. People have only five senses that allow perception and experience. The inputs through the senses are processed in mind, and as a result, most people get meaningful, reasonable and logical convictions. That's how common sense works. Another issue is that there are many things we will never perceive or experience because of the limitations caused by our sensory abilities.

What happens when some people make illogical, unreasonable and hypersensitive reports of some of their perceptions and experiences? The reason for this is that they are disappointed. Logic or common sense does not work in the minds of people who are captured by disappointment. For them, it is almost impossible to shake strong, unreasonable beliefs and their consequences.

Deceptions are not unusual among other intelligent people. But like any mental disorder, it becomes a particular problem when you start touching people & # 39; their own lives or those who are closely related to them. Difficulty in the face of disappointment when a person who is hostile and compulsive insists on false and irrational beliefs. Such beliefs prevent you from feeling and enjoying the normal and generally available pleasures of life. They also affect those who surround them closely, or deceive their minds or prevent common sense from leading a logical life.

Terrorism, superstitions, religious fundamentalism, socially retreating practices such as racism, etc. Such anomalies spread to the epidemic when organized in the name of God, religion, caste, color, or creed. Many goddesses (and women) are deceiving a tool for searching for wealth or fame by taking advantage of people's convenience. If the delinquents have a leadership role, the result is often misery and suffering for others. Hitler's deceptive mind said the world was under Holocaust rule. The incredibly barbaric practice of "Sati" for a few centuries in India ensured that if the husband died, the wife had to be sent to the burial flame. People believed that God's wish was that he was so cruel and irrational. In marriage, many suffer from the misunderstanding of the other due to the unbelief of the other. Most superstitions also have roots in disappointment.

Misleading individuals is costly for society. If this is to be done in advance and people should be empowered to enjoy the joy of life legally and rationally, awareness of mental health and personality disorders, such as disappointment, should be disseminated in society. Excellent communication systems, technologies, etc. The availability of these days is a blessing in such a generation of consciousness. However, the expectation that human minds will get rid of delusions in the near future obviously expects too much.

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