"Creativity is the desire to express my true self."

Art is often isolated and valuable, only formal artists. Gloria Steinem's book "Revolution From Within" notes that "most of the arts in the world do not have the capital" but change everyday objects into personal expressions. "

Encourages images or objects to get a more intimate understanding and more complete expression than we are and states," Creativity is probably derived from an internal interest, not from an external commodity, but from the desire to express the true self. "[19659002] And he warns that ignoring our human abilities because of fear or disgrace "leaves a tissue of self-esteem in a small hole." "Because it was not literally true, you really said," I can not meet some external standards and I am not acceptable as I am. "

This type of critical self-assessment often refers to "something creative" failure. Moving or "circumventing" intellectual creativity-related limitations may be a change in behavior.

Politician and author Susan Molinari said in an interview: "The most important lesson I've ever given to me is the ability to try hard with trying things, failure as much more than the courage to try something and it just does not work. "

Amy Tan's novelist noted that her parents expected her to go straight to school when she was in the clinic, and that she would be a doctor instead of any artist. He says that a scientific deficiency was a terrible feeling, especially when you experience what you think of the first failure and you believe that your life is over.

Only started writing fiction at the age of 33. creativity-eroding messages? An effective approach retakes or alters your assessment and resets your mind.

Psychotherapist Mark Gorkin suggests that "mistakes in judgment or planning do not represent inadequacy; they are likely to reveal inexperience or lack of timidity, perhaps even the courage. experience that often extends and deepens – the risk-taking passage. If we can imagine ourselves in the unpredictable, yet extremely, regenerating waters. "

Diane Ealy, Ph.D., writes" The Woman's Creativity Book "on the effect of the" should "messages that women specifically receive, saying," Everything else we have to do while taking over everything in our empire within. "

Not a lot of such" understanding "experience can be the feeling of failure and the loss of a creative drive Dr. Ealy suggests that a practice help get rid of the negative power to carefully examine whether to participate in a work (or to read a friend

After ten or fifteen minutes, stop the "must" messages, continue the "creative work" for a while in your imagination, then return to your current reality and appreciate it, which messages are most embarrassing or confusing

. the messages were accepted without question as the official information in our lives was given to us ", writes Dr. Ealy.

" Creativity is blocked by the exhaustion of our energy and does not allow the creative process. But with vigilance, we can strengthen our power to make positive decisions as we live our creative lifestyle. "

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