Dear "I'm the addiction to the feeling you need."

I hear … You have the urge to find those who have been wounded. We like to rush, confuse our hearts among others, and feel better. We will tell you all about it – the person we want to help. But the truth is a lie.

When we are constantly attracting ourselves to fragile, drug addicts, or financially burdened – when they are constantly attracted to those who can not feel that they live together, then for a moment the clarity in which we are able to quit ourselves and see the big picture . It is necessary and fairly possible to be self-reliant and to allow our minds to see our lives as if looking at the big screen, the emotional strings of the circumstance.

Often, "those who need the feeling they need" complain about how hard they try to redeem others. They know they are right in their hearts, and if they did, and all they did was what they told them, then life and life would change and go better. The "passionate must feel", they tell themselves how good they are to seize them. They find the feeling of self-esteem when someone else throws them on hot tubs. They believe that they are reporting martyrs about how hard they try to prevent the lives of others. But he's still a lie.

When we crossed this line and began to care more about what others need and think than we need and think, we have gone too far. We should never be more concerned with the needs of others than ours, from the point where we feel ourselves, depressed, offended, inestimable, guilty or angry. If you help someone to start negative, toxic emotions with someone, then you simply will attract negative emotions into your life (vibrational energy).

Okay … I really hear what I'm trying to teach. The best teachers are those who have experienced what they want to teach. I was there. It has long been addictive to the feeling needed and to people's minds. Suck … let me help …

The only reason I was born was to feel joy. Joy, happiness, and peace are your primary rights. But can you experience the joy and know that happiness is yours, if you do not love first and respect your own unique self?

Is it Possible to Attract a Positive Self if Self-Negative? No …

To be happy in this life, it is indispensable to become selfish … but not a " I no longer care about anyone else but me" Ghost

Instead of being selfish I say, I learn to calmly calm you to begin to hear your own voice – your own inner leader – your own spirit – your own vibration energy.

If you are addicted to becoming unnecessary, you are not a step in the vitality that is responsible for the creation you are. You are outside the vibration frequency with positive energy. You know … that are your answers … you are in your righteousness, but they have taught you to "evaluate" yourself so you can not hear your own voice.

When you were small, maybe you were ignored psychologically. Your caretakers might have slipped or simply never showed up as your soul needs it. When we learn that what we need is not important, we teach that others need to think, are much more valuable than what we feel ourselves. Then it is almost impossible to integrate into your own inner positive vibration because we never taught ourselves to listen to ourselves.

Their parents, who do not know their own needs, create discos among children. Negligence is transmitted from parent to child, and unjustly children are programmed to be in sync with those who actually do. Instead of being nourished and taught to be consistent with who you are, the children are being abused, they are abandoned and thus increase depression, anger, sadness, loneliness, despair, confusion and distress between self-doubt. All these negative emotions create negative energy within the child, and thus "my love" is a foreign concept.

Your parents' work is to help you respect yourselves. But if not, it is likely that they do not respect their true spirit. They can estimate money, prestige, power, control, drugs, or manipulate others in what they want, but not the "ghost". It is a physical that is purely ego.

When I was upset about the emotions I needed, I wanted to validate my good work. I could not satisfy my own spirit with my own praise. I did not know how to look into it and to connect to the fact that I, what-Lisa, created the same energy that created the sky and the ocean. I did not know I was as important as any creature and every creature that is on the earth. I did not realize that if I kept myself, I did nothing to improve the world I live in. I did not appreciate my voice counting and changing the world, even the world of a man. I did not know that for the first time my love was not a selfish, bad way. I did not know that in order to truly love others, I first had to learn to honor and love my "self".

Addiction to necessity means that it is worth the sacrifices you make for others.

This is how you want people to take care of your missionary needs

The ego will lie to you and tell you – you must be better than everyone else.

Doing Everything You Keep The truth is that you are the most important and not as important as anyone else.

They're All Equal

The ego does not want to embrace this knowledge, because if he does not, he dies.

The ego does not want to die. It wants to manipulate circumstances in which there are opportunities where the ego feels great. If you are constantly looking for people who need you, your ego complains, whispers, yells, and begs for the sacrifices made for others.

What would happen if you let her go? What would happen if you let someone fall down instead of protecting or saving them? What will happen to your ego if you have no mercy party to rule? What will happen to your mind if you no longer have a phone call to pretend to be crying on how hard you try to be good and help others?

If rescue stopped, where will the ego

If you are strong enough to look at the truth in the written text, you can be strong enough to let go of the rescue. You are the one who has a major problem. His energy attracts his vibrational match. Unless you change energy, you can not expect your reality to change. You will continue to attract more.

If you learn to see how you need to manipulate, you will understand why you manipulate it. Rescue manipulates ego praise and false self-esteem from others. And manipulation attracts manipulators. It's that simple. And this is the law of attraction. What we are releasing, either consciously or unconsciously, or what is our fault, whether we are releasing it or not, should have similar frequencies.

If you love love, love yourself.

If you want peace in peace and know that you are enough.

If you want generosity, be generous with your love.

If you want to praise, praise the wonderful and divine being.

If you want to be loved who you are, then you love who you are.

If you want to accept it, first accept who you are.

If you want a positive, talk to yourself.

If you do not want to be necessary and instead need to be desirable, you need to know that you are enough – and to practice new beliefs.

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