High IQ Society is an organization that only allows IQ (intelligence quotient tests) to be part of those who have a high percentage of IQ values. The purpose of such associations is to increase the interaction between IQ members entering the group. Different types of organizations can be found offline and online. Most organizations are based on areas of interest such as creativity, vocabulary, social knowledge, reasoning, music, social activities, and so on. Some organizations allow non-members to interact with the registered members to get the feeling of the body. Doing this?

Here are some outstanding organizations:

o The most popular and oldest is Mensa International, which was founded in 1946. People who have 98 percent or more of the IQ membership.

o In 1966, the Intertel organization was formed. The activities carried out by Intertel are very similar to Mensa, although the environment is a little conservative. Requires 99 percent.

o Found the International Philosophical Society in 1974. Different levels of promotions are available after IQ tests have been completed. This group requires 99 percent.

o The International Management Society founded in 2000 is the second best in Mensa. Needs 95 percentiles.

o Sigma II needs a 97.7 percentile. The members of the group speak English and European. It can achieve different growth levels after IQ tests have been passed. It was founded in 1999.

How can I be part of such high IQ companies?

If you have a high IQ, you can become part of such associations and share your interest with members and meet new friends with people of similar interest.

In order to join such an organization, you need to look at the following points:

You need to look for and find a society that is of interest to you. Online societies can easily join the offline network as they are less time-consuming and problem-free. Most sites can check their IQs before allowing them to become a member.

Is such high IQ companies serving the benefit of society or not?

Most people associate with the high IQ societies of curiosity to find out what it's like to be part of such an organization. Some may join to show how high IQ levels are for others. Interaction and networking with people with the same interest is one of the most important benefits you can take advantage of. Very intelligent heads can meet and find things they can never do to people with others or relatively low IQs. Because these organizations perform different IQ tests in different areas, they can significantly improve my IQ and increase knowledge.

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