One of the advantages of Dragon Meditation (DM) is to relax and relax. This condition improves the health of the mind and soul. So it gets rid of stress, though life is in urban and industrial areas that are under daily pressure. Living in urban and industrial sectors generally all bodies are in poor health, especially in mental health. One of the mental health problems is stress because of workplace, career, family, school, etc. It causes problems. This is a disaster of the disease with various health problems to the hard illness. Because over time, DM can solve the stress problem for urban people and villagers.

Stress Management
Stress Management is a management of the problem of life in your career and in your life. So many people can not solve their stress because their minds and feelings are hindering a huge problem every day. There have been so many solutions in every body like the Visitor Nightclub to enjoy alcohol, disco music, drugs, free sex, and more. However, this is a short-term solution and stress will come again the next time. It usually repeats, repeats, and repeats after a while to stop it.

These problems are an integrated problem with human resources concerns in different companies. Big money has been released to address the stress of the director, managers and employees. Some stress management and approaches have long been developed by psychological and human resource experts. However, people have more stress and methodology to solve without guaranteeing the guarantee, can not come back or handle them properly.

DM as a Solution for Stress
Without experts underestimating, millions of people in South East Asia are considered stress-management and stress-troubleshooters. The art of stress management is the level of simplicity. A simpler method is the better method and the DM method is very simple and accurate. So I say boldly: DM is the ultimate method of treating stress properly, without thinking about the problem and the problem-solving method. When you visit psychiatry, your problem must be told by the expert to analyze and find the solution. It's hard to tell stress to unknown people despite an expert. This is a new problem in the old problem.

The ultimate solution is meditation, especially dragon meditation. Do the DM with the power of your emotions. The DM is equal to sensual workout, it does not mind the workout. Your mind and emotions are passive and stay in the DM for some time. If your mind and emotion stop, stress will automatically be removed. Your result will be relaxed and relaxed, your body fresh fresh as before, you will feel closer to God and feel like a valuable person for ourselves and our environment. Another advantage: you get a biomass energy that is useful to your life and other peoples.

TIP for your mind:

1. I know you're smart people, but in your recurring career. Please do not use your brain when you are finished. Your work is repetitive, what do you think? Keep it and do not think again. Feel your job and enjoy it. I do not think guys.

2nd If you have a problem with your career or any other relationship, I know that you have a solution, or if you do not find it, contact your friend or talk to the source of the problem.

3rd If you can not do this, notice it, but you do not think about the problem. I do not care about the problem. I guarantee that your problem will be solved, because every body will know that you are easy people.

4th Please be easy people, not hard people. Make everything simple and do not make it complicated.

5th Please do not think about your problem, but you feel your problem. Your god opens your feelings to find a solution for you. Trust me! Your feelings are always true and never false, because your sense of glory is that God can hear divine inspiration.

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