"Build it and it will come." This is the sound in the cornfield for Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner). So, yes. Sometimes, after some difficulty, he almost lost his farm, with his friends and neighbors, treated with crazy people who were bitten by his family and laughed.

The sound of the maize field is the metaphor of the voice in our head. What we hear every day is awakening and sleeping. The question is, the choice is always where we can listen or not.

There is a relationship between the power of the mind and the power to create what is happening in our lives. This process is called to appear or to bring ideas and desires into physical form. The manifestation of our dreams is the next step we follow after identifying our dreams. Everyone can show their dreams.

Dreams are important to help you find solutions to our daily problems. They help us see things from different perspectives. Meet new realities. Solving, imagining, traveling – what we want. This is all possible. Ultimately, dreams are our relationship with our creative souls.

The dream world is a fertile playground. In this we are able to create anything, even things that are unrealistic and impossible in the physical world. We can see and talk to dead people. We can visit places that have never been, are real and unreal. We can move, run like wind, breathe under water, travel through the stars (without vehicles!). Whatever. Whatever is possible in dreams. We accept this suspense of suspicion of reality as well as accepting the physical reality itself.

We are just in our wake-up state that we limit the acceptance of the incredible. Our limitations are the creations of conscious, awake minds. And we often adhere to these boundaries as our only option in our universe. Perhaps, like Ray, we are afraid we are afraid of crazy and accusations about their friends and loved ones.

Listen to yourself. Follow your gut. Dreams come from a place we want to be, urging us to move on. Declaring the dream as a reality.

The idea is key to the manifestation of dreams. It allows us to experience something before we actually get it. All great adventures start with dreams. And every dreamer will tell you that the trip was worth it as the mountains climb up and the bumps on the road.

Dreams begin with the creative process. The manifestation of dream is where dream becomes reality.

I have to go. There is a baseball court to build.

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