Are you listening to your dreams? Are you through the psychic test?

Dreams are the language of the soul. When we go to sleep, we automatically release our consciousness and daily events into the unconscious part of our consciousness. We enter into the psychic world and let our subconscious have the duty to help us learn as much as we can and to make it possible to put the material and obvious goals of creativity into our waking world.

Your dreams come to us as pictures and movies. Every person, place or stuff represents quality or aspect. These aspects have a symbolic meaning. When you understand these symbols, you can understand and accept the features you just presented.

Many will be awakened from a dream and think of how terrible this dream is, and wondering what that means when it is not really horrible and important in the act.

For example, a woman had a dream of being friends with her husband. He felt as if he were in forcible and overturned with guilt and shame. I explained to him that this man represents one aspect of his own subconscious mind and that the sexual symbol symbolizes creative energy. So in the last few days he reflected his own creative thoughts. This explanation hurt his relief, which was still in trouble.

Another dream was a woman in a female nursing home. There was a large white snake in the room. The woman had to let the snake bite in her right arm to remove toxins. She grabbed the snake when she removed the toxins. He remembered his fears, but was willing to take over the process. The snake switched to the left arm. The nurse noted that she obviously needed both arms to remove the toxins.

Snakes are symbolic of kundulini's energy, which can have psychological control with healing and / or creative effects. Necessity was one of the aspects of that conscious mind and one with healing intent.

This woman said she used a salt bath on the night of her dream with the intention of removing the toxins. In his life he was at a stage where he created communications.
Both knowingly and unconsciously utilized his healing and creative energies.

If you can get a lot of things in making psychic readings. Sometimes we can go outside to find answers to the questions of our life. These modes can be very useful. Dreams are "close and personal" ways to guide us spiritually through our lives. We just have to be ready to communicate.

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