Somebody once told me when I was angry, crying and crazy and shouting and trying to hurt everyone and feeling that I feel as bad as I feel because I want to hurt them as much as I hurt in the past . When I'm sad, tombs and graves, and I don't feel good and the same when I'm angry, I say things are very meaningful because I want people to feel hurt as I feel.

When I asked why this is what I learned from this person: when I was little, my life was hard, my mother was a drug, and my father was an alcoholic and drug addict, and divorced, they were never for me and still no, they always told me cruel tough things and never supported me, not even today.

I was already molested when my mother's husband and nephew were young, I did things and I did things with which I am very sorry. I have been injured by people I really love and care about, and I can't get close to anyone without damaging any of us.

I'm sure we're all angry, anger is the normal feeling of pain and frustration, because you don't feel anything, feel that you can't do anything about it, felt it? Almost like a choke? If so, you are not alone.

Many psychologists explain that anger is just a feeling of hurt, and this negative feeling can be cured by simple relaxation techniques followed by hypnotic suggestions to control the unconscious trigger, and activate the uncontrolled urge to withdraw – often suggestions there is a need to remove this shocking wire from retaliation, which in this case is very cementing for "anger" and is very emotional when it happens hypnotically.

What is anger? We said that the feeling of being painful is that it feels angry, guilty, and ashamed, worthless, and rejected.

So how do you cure these negative emotions?

Well, this easy part, the hypnotist usually builds a rapport; relax the client, then use guided images to regain these negative feelings, and then the feelings that heal with other positive suggestions and triggers or anchors. I can fix the negative feeling in the right way for the client, because everyone and the individual understand it differently and do not agree otherwise.

For example: The client is asked to focus on the first time he felt angry, and the hypnotist gives them a substitute word that feels this feeling positively:

instant anger, deep breath, and think " calm in your mind. Or, if you find yourself in a situation that disturbs you, get to know it immediately and breathe deeply, feel free to think, think calmly, or imagine the sign, and the word "I am calm" flashes in front of you, you see, that its color is blue, calm, and if a person is crazy, visualizes or imagines that this person is wearing a "T-shirt" with the words "I am calm", all over their shirt, skin, face, whole, and as you see it turns blue and you feel so calm because you are now controlling it.

Now listen: Think of the person who feels bad, now in your head, look and feel that you are calm calm. Now that you can talk about your feelings and understand the "deepest basis of the feeling of pain," the friend who is linked to dishonesty and the best friend of pain, the enemy's anger.

Here is an Exercise:

First Step: Ask yourself: Why do I feel angry? How do I feel? Why do you annoy me? What's so strong?

Step Two: How deeply injured and describe it: is it like a sharp pain, sharp knife, feels like a hot blood, boning knife, tight muscles? Why are you feeling so strong?

When you did this: you are ready to reach the center of pain … this is when you understand it, so you can make a decision that nothing is so important that you really feel good and can be laugh, calm, good food, good music , around a friend, I'm sure you will find something you can relate to, so you can think positively … then you can focus on all your good work so far, the last compliment you have, the love your pet, your art, your lover , with your partner, if any, your family or your child … see the values ​​and the feelings of morality.

Third Step: "Achieving Default Value": Review the things you want to live a life like the good things you did, the last compliment you got, the last gift you got to mean wow, the loving relationships that you have, the things and the goals you have achieved so far. positive affirmation about yourself, say they sound loud to a good friend, student, child, pet. , you can change it by saying: i'm smart, i'm smart, 'not true I'm stupid' or it's not that ugly, actually I feel like I am anybody around me and I can see that I am kind, loving, and patient … inner feelings of anger. Remember that anger is a normal feeling, and it is a perfectly healthy feeling to be careful to give much power. Here is your duty to approach your feelings through anger and work.

There are many ways to approach it: for example, you can describe what you feel when you are angry, then describe why you are doing it and let your own opinion, your own voice, and then give some of your own ideas or suggestions as you think how to deal with, of course, a calm mindset and let your inner child, the other voice, provide a plan to win this battle; .

I always say it is false as long as you do it, yes, it is about repetitions, over and over again, for a month or two, and it reinforces new suggestions and reinstalles a new condition for the new default.

So, as soon as the feeling of anger arises, think of "Peace" "I'm calm," Blue light "or anything you can think of that can bring positive feelings like your pet, your love, your child … remember, the practice makes it perfect, so make sure you don't do it as naturally as you can. You can ask me for free consultation … local or long distance.

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