In recent years, theoretical development is important for everyone, because societies focus more on the power of the mind to develop future thinkers. Parents around the world have tried every way to increase their children's mental ability. Some suggest the use of child psychology, while others recommend the use of calculations and memory retention methods. Unfortunately, these methods were not effective enough. This is because by the end of the day, it only results in how children use their memory and brain, rather than actually improve their memories and develop their brains.

However, they were not the only method people could use, as other more effective methods such as brainwave waves, hypnotism, meditation, and so on. During the scientific research, it turned out that a human brain existed in different frequency states that derive from the electromagnetic pulses of brain neurons as they communicate with each other. These frequencies range from 0 Hz to 40 Hz, although this range depends on the person. Among these states are the super states, which include Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

The brainwave withdrawal technology induces cortical frequencies to reach these super states. For example, if someone wants to learn and improve memory faster – which is usually not possible – all you have to do is put your brain in the alpha state. Alpha is between 7 Hz and 12 Hz, which is the location of deep relaxation and deep meditation. In this state, they begin to reach their creative consciousness, falling below the conscious level. In this state, people's behavior also unfolds and finds new ideas, becomes visual and can quickly and easily solve the problems.

The use of brainwave technology is good for you to use the state of mind you want to achieve at any time. Moreover, this technology is rich, since from deep relaxation, waves up to high vigilance can be reproduced. In order to prepare the brain for the long-term re-creation of the desired state of mind, brainwave technology must be used separately for silencing binaural rhythms for several months or more sessions.

Therefore, they recommend the binaural pace of CDs and MP3s so that one gets the desired result. After several months of use, it starts and feels like the program has not started its initial state. This means that when someone uses the technology to access the Alpha state, it is because of the continued use of the program that they feel that they are no longer in the state of mind. The reason is not that binaural punches have lost their effectiveness; rather because the mind's development has taken place. In fact, a person grew spiritually and physically grew up. In order to maintain the efficiency of brainwave technology, carriers are gradually reduced.

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