A few days ago I asked my assistant to catalog a list of 200 negative positive and negative sentiens on a list of a few thousand emotions. Amazingly, my assistant completed this assignment in less than three hours, but he made a remarkable remark that brought me the question that I wrote about this article. He asked why, in a few thousand sensual words, he was aware that there were more negative words than positive. This question was about me.

Emotions are signs. They represent the way in which the world is perceived. They tell us whether a particular experience will be pleasant or toxic. When I saw my assistant's observation, he insisted that it would be logical to have a lot of negative emotional words in our vocabulary. Just as our immune system has its own intelligence and in many ways detects the threat of our physical body, emotions are also intelligent. The multiple negative word in our vocabulary is basically a survival mechanism. They help us to perceive the dangers of our emotional well-being. They are a language-based warning that the situation we are in does not fit our emotional self. By the multiple threat of our emotional well-being, it is important that the more vocabulary we have to formulate the perceived threats, the greater the probability that we are able to take appropriate steps to ensure our emotional survival.

Then I continue to argue that the average person builds a strong emotional vocabulary to ensure that we are more aware of the emotional mysteries. Creating a stronger emotional vocabulary enhances self-awareness and improves our ability to perceive the negative emotions that always cause anger. Overall, this is another step through anger management. Please continue to visit my blog to discuss more about emotional intelligence and anger management.

Thanks to Cori to help me expand my thinking between leadership and emotional intelligence.

Carlos Todd, owner of Todd's Anger Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF



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