"My day without technology was a nightmare," one student exclaims at the beginning of the final lecture on technological, natural and inner experiences. This exclamation was so entertained that I repeated many times the day I wrote the project to other students and colleagues at St. Francis University, a small university located in the hills of the Allegheny Mountains in Central Pennsylvania.

In my class of environmental sociology, students have to log two different, yet interrelated experiences: two days without technology and six times in nature, alone with no mobile phones or iPods. Reactions responding to this kind of experience are all surprisingly deep and surprisingly life-changing, but they are actually life-saving. In this article, I will learn about my experiences with days without technology.

I gave them a job for the task, but I let them know how they want to determine the "day" without technology. Knowing that the majority of college students are dependent on their mobile phones, laptops and iPods for FaceBook, I do not want to tell them how long they should be without such support. Some students actually stretch themselves and determine the day as a real day – from day to after dinner. Others can only do that by calling an hour "sun". I ask them to study the following questions and write them down in the journals.

How Do You Feel A Day Without Technology? What is the effect on the mood? Your mind? Feelings? What are the differences between the technology day and the day without technology? Similarities? What do you like about a day without technology and why? What did not you like and why? What was the impact on social interaction without technology? To explain. Please describe any other observations.

In our culture, most people depend on communication technology in the form or the other. And most of us depend on the technology, without knowing how much we rely on it. For example, we are writing text friends, blogs, and Facebook (and creating a new process in the process). I was surprised by college students and I was touched secretly about how often they called their parents. Many students claimed to call their parents every day. Others said they were called their parents, usually between their mother, each class. Some students complained about missing appointments or exercises without a technique (their daily schedule seems to change and so they are informed).

On the other hand, I'm also astonished to see how much computer interaction has replaced face-to-face interaction with college-age students who live right in the corridor. They reported to me that they might be their friend, not just walking in the corridor to say hi.

This task was used by hundreds of students in dozens of dozen classes. I am always surprised by the transparent awareness that this simple exercise brings to them for their social interaction and lifestyle. The following are a SELECT FEW of your own personal reactions:

Creation: "One day without technology, you will be completely focused on what you are doing and who you are. It's no distraction to take you out of the place" 19659002] Socializing: "This activity more it was reported to society because in order to see how much time it was for dinner and when I had to go to people and asked them (d) how beautiful this campus is. "

" Technological Days (They) Have Improved my social interactions and conversations with my friends and daughters in the dormitory, just to sit in the room, talk in an instant message and in a text message. It's a lot more personal face to face than sending IMs and texts. "

time wasting: "Finally, he takes his time, I wondered," What can I do with the use of technology? "[19659002] Tec dependency on hnology: (7.5-hour bus ride in the basketball game without any technology), "I do not think I'm going to do it. When we stopped at the first rest, we were tempted to ask the bus driver to open the bottom of the bus, but my teammate encouraged me and decided not. When we arrived at the hotel, I immediately came to the phone bag because I really wanted to see missed calls, text messages and voicemail messages. I felt like a drug addict. I figured I was obsessed with my cell phone. "" (Without my phone), I did not know what to do with myself. I felt like I was crazy. I probably confused my feelings, and at some point I felt sad, but I was still happy because I managed to get my hands off my tools on the bus. "

Time spent with family: One student extended the Tech-free day to her family:" When I sat in the living room yesterday, the phone rang. I looked up and watched the television. Our caller ID is displayed in each house. As he looked back at the laptop, my sister immediately asked who was calling. At this moment I realized how my family depends on modern technology. Later that night I told my mother about the story. You know I'm in my sister and we live in separate rooms and we'll tell each other if we need something. So I asked that after a night four of us do something like a group. He thought it was a good idea! "

played SORRY 2 games and 1 SCATTERGORIES game." To our surprise, we were entertained … Who knows? Perhaps this is our new tradition! "

Let's start with a new tradition in the household! Tech-free, stress-solving, and maybe fun for a day

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