Anger affects us all in different ways. Some people find that anger virtually does not exist in their lives, while others find that if they do not deal actively with it, they take their lives. Anger is a natural emotion we all experienced in our lives. Just because it's natural, it does not mean we should simply say we can not do anything. Countless people change their lives every day, which affects the natural function. We are not slaves to our appetite, emotions or body. We are all able to make decisions. I know some people are struggling with hormonal disorders that make it impossible to choose from time to time, but we can solve the challenge, treat the abnormality in the body, and decide to make changes that ultimately deal with anger management. There will be patience, but there is always hope.

Essential oils help to change emotions both in the immediate and long run. Essential oils are not really oil. It is essential that the plant is essential because they are the immune system or defense systems of the given plant. These are not really oils but lipinic acid. His body is made of lipids; these are one of the building blocks of the body. For this reason, essential oils will be recognized as part of the body and will be altered.

There are four ways in which essential oil works scientifically in the body to change it:

1. Local application

2. Frequency Enhance

3. Limbic System Reaction, Glandular Reaction

4. External / internal input. Insist on your tongue (now outside), put a drop of essential oil into your tongue = external ingestion. We are not doctors, we can not say that you are taking something inside. BEFORE using the essential oil before using it, make sure that the EOBBD has been tested and FDA GRAS (generally considered safe).

Today we are talking about how essential oils affect the limbic system, the emotional reaction and the glandular reaction. The limbic system is the center of emotion. The fragrance of various essential oils can increase body pulse, reduce heart rate, increase blood pressure, reduce blood pressure, and so on. If you smell essential oil, it comes to the center of the nose where you have 40 million odor neurons. The odor from the neurons to the smell of glow, then from the odor to the pineal gland and the pituitary glands – we've changed things in your body in seconds. Fragrances and emotions are strongly linked to each other. The scent of lavender essential oils can quickly reassure someone, while the peppermint scent can restore energy and increase consciousness.

First, you want to play some essential oils to see which ones are fulfilling your specific needs. If the challenges of anger are based on hormones, you will need other oils than if the challenge is based on past emotional trauma or if you handle a great deal of stress. Some of the essential oils I mention are mixtures. A mixture is simply a mixture (or blend) of different essential oils. The mixtures that we will discuss are all created by a company called Be Young. Most essential oil companies have a home-based specialist who is skilled in mixing essential oils. You want to look for a company that combines the oils with no attributes but with aroma. Mixture of essential oils maintains the physical effect of essential oil on the body (hormones as a physical cause of fury). Aromatherapy mixing only affects the ability of essential oils to affect the body with a pleasant scent. This can be effective if anger comes from an emotional source.

Cypress can help calm your nervous tension and feel like you're feeling better positioning. It helps you regain control when things seem too slippery. Use Cypress oil on the other side of the toe for best results

Emotion Essential Oil Blend is specifically designed to help you with any emotional challenge. This is most effective when the foot of both feet is on the side. It can be used regularly on the solar cell, which can help you with difficult emotional times in your life.

The silent smell of essential oil blend is designed to help relive emotional chatting. When our minds compete from one object to another or I go through constantly and the same things, they refuse to rest, relax and relax, this is the essential oil mixture that can turn. You can put a drop on your palms, knead around your nose, breathe in deeply, diffuse the oil, or apply the best results at the back of the neck. This is an oil mixture that I have felt from time to time with a very pleasant smell, and sometimes the scent is almost disgusting to me. It all depends on the emotional balance when I smell it.

Bergamot is a wonderfully soothing oil. If someone is struggling with enthusiasm, the oil I grab. It looks like life is illustrated. It smoothes the emotions and moods by balancing the activity of the hypothalamus. It is said that the smell of bergamot oil can stabilize a man in a trembling emotional state.

Geranium (Lavender, Stubborn and Orange) are essential oils that promote a warm, happy feeling and help balance emotions. You can smell these oils, apply them at the back of the neck and in the temple, or use them to create a soothing, soothing tea (make sure that essential oil is allowed for internal use). For a tea, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of honey, mix well, then add the honey to a cup of hot water and dissolve.

Hormonal fluctuations can cause emotional fluctuations. Use the Venus essential oil mixture to treat female hormone fluctuations or the Mars blend to treat male hormones. Apply the oil to the soft parts, such as the upper arm, the inside of the thighs, the abdomen or the breast. They are also around the ankles. Sometimes these are also good for putting the drops in the palm of your hand, for bouncing and deep breathing the nose.

Some people have emotional challenges due to brain injuries. In these cases, I found that the incense and the Brain Gem blend is usually the most effective oil. It may also be necessary for Helichrysumra. These oils are able to pass through the blood brain barrier and provide nutritional building blocks to the brain itself. Apply these oils to the back of the neck, temples and toes of the toe for best results

If you become an emotional challenge, learn more about Emotional Aromatic Touch (EAT) treatment. You can find someone who is prepared for full back treatment or learn to treat yourself on your hands or feet. EAT treatment can help in the processing of emotions, in the balance of hormones, in the release of negative emotions and in the center. The EAT is designed to balance and center the body's energy centers, also known as chakras.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is thought that emotions and body organs are interrelated. The liver is an organ of the body that is associated with anger. Western medicine teaches us that although the liver does not produce hormones (many different glands), it plays a significant role in regulating hormones. The liver breaks down and metabolizes the hormones after performing the work of the body. So if our liver is not working properly, there will be unnecessary hormones in our body that will cause emotional challenges. Our liver is responsible for the removal and breaking of toxins. Many people live in a very toxic environment; if we do not actively support our liver, we will experience more and more emotional challenges. Liver healing is a simple thing we can add to our morning routine to help with this process. Every morning, a drop of lemon essential oil, a drop of peppermint essential oil, and a teaspoon of a tablespoonful of fresh lemon juice begins to rise. Remember; use only essential oils that are authorized for internal use. The Be Young brand of essential oils is tested for internal use

Interestingly, more and more studies have shown that by changing diets, more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as less processed and prepared foods can be found by people to have less mood swings and more easily controlled emotional outbursts. This makes us re-examine the liver. Processed and prepared foods contain many additives that the body needs to remove and discontinue; these additives do not give food to our body. Processing, degradation and removal of such additives is liver

Exercise is a wonderful source of emotional discharge, thus helping emotional control. It can be a rigorous, stress-relieving aerobic exercise or a reassuring, emotionally-centered meditative exercise such as yoga or Tai Chi.

I hope I gave you some ideas to guide you through peace and peace. happiness. You may need other oils than I suggested here. I taught classes where someone is walking, examining the presentation of oils, and calling one of them immediately. This is a direct phenomenon for me to have some of the oil that will help them with any challenge. Be persistent, be patient and do not give up hope.

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