My research assistant, Jenny and I have been working together for more than four years, mostly with the theory of evolution of humanity and spiritual perfection and their relationship with real life events. Most of the time, due to his discomfort and his early age, he said that he shared the subject of the examination and the controversial approval and rejection. This behavior continued to reach, at times, the blast point. "" You know, "and finally I thought," I was thinking very well that these ideas would be very exciting. "

I'm sure I need evidence and evidence that what you say is true."

"Experience is the proof." I responded strongly, "What do you mean?" she asked calmly and unobtrusively as the witness of my emotional outburst.

"I mean that experience reinforces my statements when we really think about how we feel about how our lives live in this part of history, we can see that my ideas make sense that it sounds real, does not make sense now? and I continued without answering it.

"Everyone is as restless as me, and our uneasiness stems from the simple idea, the simple awareness built over the years that we really need more life than we know more than we can experience . "" I'm not sure, "he said," I think I need some time. "We walked slowly from a small roadside restaurant where there was something to eat and entered the beautiful garden. he said, "What beautiful flowers." He looked around, one unable to help, but he admired the petunias and begonia lines that defined the outdoor seating for clients. "Do not you remember me for a similar occasion when we met him years ago?"

Memories Overwhelmed Me A few years ago, when we lived in Madison, Wisconsin, we routinely worked together to talk and talk, to rest and relax here and there, yet most of our discussions about academic theories, psychological and spiritual growth Both of you were fascinated by our conversation yet our relationship was always clear on the platform: "Yes, sometimes when we are together and look at you, these beautiful memories come alive, I always felt the same as we work together." I paused for a few seconds to gather the I continue my conversation and question: "What did we talk about?" "I think we talked about the first vision and questioned what it was," he said. "My understanding is that they are aware of the mysterious events that change our lives, the feeling that some other process works on these appearances."

"What do you think of my first vision?" – asked.

"I really do not know." I answered and continued. "It does not exactly fit our modern day sigh when we observe our environment because it is simple that history is not just technology development and sighting, but rather the development of thoughts and ideas far behind. By understanding the reality of people in front of us, we can imagine why we should look at the world as we do it, what is the understanding of the further development, we can probably determine where we have come the longer the evolution of civilization, illuminating where we are going. "

" You can not leave the whole idea and to return to the practical questions? "" Well, that is everybody's tenderness. Sometimes we have a clear idea that something is happening in life, our usual way of thinking is to make these ideas unknowingly and then let the consciousness collapse overall. necessary for the second vision in the background of our awareness that this seems valid and that the idea of ​​global transformation becomes more accurate. In my opinion, the impact of the second vision is precisely to secure this historical perspective; puts the predictions in a longer context that makes them more solid and inevitable. "

" I still have a big problem in understanding my first vision, and now I've started talking about my second vision. "After a few seconds of pause, he continued," Can you summarize my second vision? "

" The second vision extends the consciousness of our historical era, "I replied." It shows us how to cultivate culture not only from the perspective of our own life, for a whole millennium. It shows our concern and raises it over. We have just experienced this long history now, and we are now living "for a long time". When we look at the human world, we must be able to clearly see this obsession with serious concerns about economic affairs. "

" But what's wrong with that? "Asked." This Western civilization is great. "

" Nothing's wrong with that. In fact, this consideration was a necessary development, the scene of human evolution. Now, however, we have spent enough time in the world. It is time to get up from consideration and review our original question. What is life behind this planet? Why are we here? "

Suddenly and quietly, I did not consider it right to continue the discussion and told him that we could continue at the right time. That our new consciousness seemed inevitable seemed to be the culmination of our cultural goal, we did what we collectively decided, It has happened, our concern has broken and we have woken something else. I almost saw the momentum of the modern age slowed down as we approached at the end of the millennium, four centuries of obsession came about, we created the means of financial security, and now we seemed ready to find out why we did it. "

With this attitude science has systematically removed obscene and esoteric materials from the world. Following Isaac Newton's thoughts, we came to the conclusion that the universe has always worked in a predictable way, just like a huge machine, just because it has been a long time since. Other events that happened at the same time believed that there was no occasional relationship but happened accidentally. Then came two scientific studies that opened our eyes again in the mystery of the universe: in quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein.

Most of Einstein's life was to prove that what we consider to be hard material is mostly empty space through an energy pattern that involves ourselves. During quantum physics, when we study smaller and smaller energy, we see surprising results. Experiments have shown that when we cut up small parts of energy, so-called elemental particles, and try to observe how they work, the observation act itself changes the results-as if these elemental particles would affect what the experimenter expects. This is true even if the particles appear in places where they can not go, considering the laws of the universe as we know them, at the same moment in two places, forward or backward in time, and so on.

the basic thing in the universe, whose essence is to appear to be some kind of pure energy that is similar to human intuition and expectancy, paralyzing the old mechanistic model of the universe model-as if our expectation in itself is our energy flowing into the world, and affects other systems, just as the Third Vision leads us to believe. Reza Rezazadeh

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