The Brain – Reactive

Mind-Proactive, Emotional Scale

Everything is always suspended in the mind until they are received – identified by their opinions, expectations or intentions.

The brain functions as a logical system flow similar to a computer. The information is stored and retrieved as a computer. Long-term memory can be considered as a hard disk while short-term memory is RAM. Eyes can be considered as monitors because you have already noticed that we have literally processed thousands of operations to find the image you saw. The brain is impartial and does not accept any activity, and the body simply reacts to environmental signals.

The brain cannot tell the difference between imagination, such as dream or reality. If you close your eyes and imagine you order a pizza and open your eyes and actually order your pizza, you will do the same electrical process, reaching the same parts in the same order. The consciousness that distinguishes the difference between the two states by adding a sequence of emotional uprisings based on an emotional scale is based on our position at the event (I like or dislike it, etc.). The brain memory disappears after 7-9 years, but the emotional impression of the minds is waiting for endless expectation, and belongs to the moment, and receives conscious attention again.

It is the mind that we are trying to reconcile the mind and the brain, which is the poisoning of mankind. The mind is not the brain in spite of the mind, which structures the brain. The individual is not the brain, the mind, but the process that is in the two interactions. I often use the hourglass analogy to show what I mean. Imagine that the flow of an energy movement passes like a sand on the clock glass.

As the sand passes through the clock glass, it is important to observe the forces that hold or limit movement. The mass of sand along with the gravitational pull of the much larger body below it determines that the sand passes through the hole. The smaller the hole, the slower the flow until the hole is so small that a single sand grain completely stops the entire current.

Conversely, if the opening opens wider, the sand would flow faster until the sand is completely released. (Keep in mind that if everything happens at the same speed, then nothing will move, then all movements will be in the stationary position of the observer, and the moving observer can be very good.

Four points of this model can be observed, the sand itself, the gravitational pull of the body, is advantageous (past), the glass tube that opens and closes the permission or restriction of the flow. and the center with which it passes everything.

Take a moment and train this clock from an endless sand that seems to come from bright light and slowly get into your eyes; All of these opportunities are created for the future.

Below is a huge pile of sand that is the result of spill life; it is much larger than the above crowd, but it still disappears into the same light band, of course it is a fragment of all memories, acquaintance and conditioning, the past. We can relate to the gravitational pull of the past to see how tight it is.

The clear hourglass-shaped funnel, which opens and closes the permission or limitation of the multitude of sand excitation, is of course what observes all activities, the witness. Many are trying to separate themselves.

And, of course, the center or the hole that passes through everything is the most attention and focus point of the present. We can even say that "I" is a resolution that is the result of the relationship between the four components.

The minds have no opinion, expectation or intent, yet they are the source of all happiness and misery that is the color that we use in the color of our experiences. The idea that the brain and mind are the same as the causes of all imbalances and actually create time and space with the manifestation of all the physical worlds.

This is done by throwing away the emotional elasticity of the minds by being connected to the rigid, rigid memory structure. I felt this situation, which seemed similar, so I had to insist on this, and with the same emotional nuance I had to identify the new situation (opinion). This does not allow for personal growth and awareness-raising because we cannot give a new and unique experience to the moment. We simply limit ourselves and this limiting building exerts pressure and resistance.

The Four Parts of the Mind:

Memory (Past)
Thinking, Yogi's Name Manas [Witness]
The decision-maker called Buddhi (future)
ego or personality (present) [19659002] Many spiritual practices and psychological methods seek to capture some of the mind and deal with another part of the mind. There is never any real progress, because all you get is a lot of re-evolution in the mind. This is what predominantly happens in any therapy, but the mind cannot solve the mind because the mind never tries anything.

It is important to recognize that a perfect sense (emotion) is divided into five sensory perceptions (empiricism). The most remarkable memories in the brain are easier to remember or recall because they have higher emotional intensity. For example, on September 11, 2001, everyone knew exactly where they were, what they were doing, who was around them, what they were wearing, and so on. Because it was emotionally intense when the two towers descended. super focus. As it was when JFK was murdered, or when a child was born, or when a loved one died.

The five senses work in every way; you can recall the intimate details of a particular moment if you have a separate smell, abnormal sight, loud noise, strange taste, or a strange feeling (touch). These are the same as the statements of previous resolutions. It may be an interesting task to observe the senses that appear to be more prominent in these emotional moments, I noticed that one or two senses feel the emotional signal that follows the 80/20 principle of Pereto. For example, if you have a moment to find yourself in your emotional turmoil when you have lost your life, you can remember the time of your life when you felt that you were joining, but you will notice that you are still keeping the memory in place. a sense … a lot of time, which is a sight. The image will immediately give you an emotional response. Whatever the senses may be, for example, if you recall an intense session of a love affair, you will feel the touch that will hold the moment … I challenge you to try to remember the intimate partners facing one of these sessions. You also recognize the power of uniting two senses, such as eye contact, when making love; Now imagine that it combines the 5 senses!

I have no other self than I know I am conscious or subconscious. If all I am, I was there, and what I did, and this is the only basis for forecasting where I am going, the sum of all these consciousnesses is the "I" I feel at this moment.

As you can see, the brain is only the hard disk that stores the information. The mind monitors and understands that parts of the mind interact and instruct the rescue of information. It is also interesting to note that the majority of today's mental illnesses are treated to change the hard disk (brain) access to information about drugs rather than spending more time on information restructuring. This is, of course, because it is very difficult for people to forgive even the more intelligent that there is another difference.

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