There are certain things around us and around us that are regularly occurring. However, while we have spent some time in contemplating these things in detail, they will surprise us. Something similar can happen if you know certain facts before the baby is born.

The baby's brain develops when the infant is in the uterus. This is called the development of the prenatal brain. When an infant is in the womb, the first 36 weeks are full of astonishing developments in the brain. In simple words, the baby starts to learn if it's not even born. You may be surprised to read this fact, but it is true that the process of learning the baby begins when he or she takes him.

The first 36 weeks are full of some amazing developments for the baby's brain. The taste buds start in a slow and loud process when the baby takes about eight weeks. Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that the baby will be able to taste all the food you eat every day. The baby tastes the taste of her mother's favorite food, as the taste buds are slowly evolving.

The next stage of the pre-birth brain is perhaps more surprising to you. The baby will hear your voice and begin to recognize when your audience starts. These are very interesting and important developments on the baby's mind and you can even recognize it if you have not seen it.

The development of the pre-birth brain begins when the baby is actually two or three weeks old. After reaching the age of four, different parts of the infant's brain begin to reach. The different stages work differently and the baby begins to learn more things. Seventh week begins some hormonal surgery. Before the seventh week ends, the infant brain has no difference between male or female.

Like the sexes of both sexes, the primary development of the prenatal brain follows common development processes. As the baby lasts for almost seven weeks, hormonal reactions begin and the brain recognizes the baby's sex. The brain's brain and her brain begin to develop at a slightly different pace. [25] For twenty-five weeks the brain develops faster. Nerve cells are already growing and the baby's nervous system works at an advanced level. He starts to remember the sounds. At week 30, the baby's brain grows terribly and the baby begins to shape the memories. Finally, thirty-eight forty-seven, the baby's brain becomes more advanced, and prenatal brain development helps to recognize you and your voice. After her birth, she can link her mother's past memories.

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