Professional motivational quotes from illustrious men and women continue to motivate and inspire us during the ages. The ability of such quotations is to convey simple truths and thoughts in simple and elegant words. Often the source of great comfort and encouragement, especially when time is difficult and the road is rough.

A motivational poster on the wall sometimes serves as a coach or mentor to keep our souls and keep us. Here are ten famous motivational quotes that are appealing to me.

We find a method or make one – Hannibal

It is better to make a small candle lighter than to curse the darkness – Confucius

Who Goes Tall, Long-Term – 19659002] One Thousand Miles Trip One Step – Lao Tzu

Every time you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness

Success Before Work – Only in Dictionary

You Will not Win … if You Do not Start

Without Plan goal is a dream!

The only real mistake is not to try it

The one who succeeds must first be ready for the error

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Disclaimer: The above article represents only the personal opinion of the author who does not claim to be an expert in this field. This is not a substitute for professional counseling at all. If necessary consult a specialist. The author expressly assumes no responsibility for any action or decision taken under this article.

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