Were you wondering how other anger might exist? Yes, just like other people, there are various kinds of anger that these different people can experience.

Sometimes it is difficult to detect when people are angry. Everyone is angry in other ways. Some people, when angry, use different ways to show that they can play, inert, egoistic, hidden or unclean.

All kinds of anger come from the same emotions, but appear in different ways. People learn these impressions from the role models and carers parents or teachers as they grow up and how others respond to these representations.

Knowing the Five Kind of Anger will help you understand how much anger you experience and recognize forms in others. This will allow you to be able to accept the appropriate methodology in order to cope with it.

Forced Anger

Anger is an anger that you can observe or hear as it is physically expressed or verbally. For example, purified anger can be expressed by physical actions such as a door crash, a desk slider, or a throw to a wall or other person. The person who expresses anger can look angry and say something that is astonishing and out of touch. The key to recognizing this kind of anger is to understand the physical or verbal expression some people call anger. Inert anger is anger that can not be observed. Unlike the attacked anger, it is not expressed outward. With this kind of anger, people are not willing to deal with what makes them angry when they exit the situation. People who show signs of idle anger often break out in the chairs, pass through their arms or blasphemy.

Egoist Fury

Selfish anger is the direct or indirect expression of selfishness of anger. With this anger, people will be angry because they place their self-esteem over other people. They do not recognize that there are rules that can make everyone fair. People with such anger will be angry if they have adverse consequences. They try to deny responsibility for the problems and try to deny the poor performance, threatening the consequences that people are exposed to.

Hidden Anger

In this case, an angry person is mysterious or indirect actions that are even available to an angry person. This involves tampering with the work of another person by refusing to receive messages, not informing the person about security issues or deliberate violations of other people's work. . People with ferocious anger get overwhelmed when others try to try out ideas that are different from theirs. They refuse to be flexible and think their way is the best way to accomplish a task.

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