We are thinking about life in some time and looking for who we are. We will explain our past and our present actions, our thoughts and plans, and then deduct the type of final product. In order for this analysis to be complete, there are key factors that we need to look into in detail before we reach who we are.

first Risks

One of the most important aspects of knowing ourselves is to find out what we will do outside our comfortable zone. We can easily speculate on a security point that we are a certain type of person, but living makes every difference. If we really want to know what kind of person we are, we must especially risk outside our normal habitat to get to know our true self. This does not mean we must take unnecessary risks or our beloved ones, but that means we are forced to force ourselves outside what I get used to to understand our true self.

2nd Friends

True friends we can not determine who we are. These are the people who reflect our personality and what we believe. Regardless of the variance or the various creations of life, or even religion, what it is, the essence of this man brings to himself. If we carefully examine our friends and what we think, then we will realize that they are all attracted to us. We have a part that creates the friend with whom we want to be together. Whatever this is our smallest element is still part of us and if so, then we can use it to find out our true self.

3rd Genes

Our family helps to find out who we are. Certain personality traits, no matter how much we talk about the amount of personality and our decisions. They are the peoples we have grown up, they are the people we know or not. That is why it is very important that the most important perspectives in life are right, because this generation of our children and our future will continue in life.

4th Hit

The above helps us to define us to a certain point. They determine that we are individuals on the basis of which society can give us. Faith is the truth in us. This is the truth we are regardless of what society offers us. In this area we can cancel all our friends and families that we believe in. Faith determines that we are because that is the decision we make before God. We can choose to follow or not to choose. From that point on, every decision is based on the choice. It determines our values ​​and the obedience of the commandments of God. It has nothing to do with passivity. There is no reason not to be with God and still not the devil. Without the god the devil, no matter what kind of kindness or sacrifice we bring to the world. The next step is to choose a religion that we follow. We can consider the numbers available and the benefits of one doctrine to the other. Truth remains on the road to God. The truth lies in what determines the spirit of man and what inspires this spirit. Only one person gained the right to make this decision for us and this is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whether we want to believe it or not, he died for our sins and this right belongs to him.

If we examine these factors thoroughly, then we know where we stand as individuals and why we are the people we are. Other factors such as food, clothing, and material things at our disposal depend on circumstances and availability. This is what we are doing with what is and not who we are.

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