Always blowing his top? Do you spend too much time choking on your boss? Do you feel badly yelling at your spouse and children? Have you jumped out of your car on the highway? Did he have to leave the child's football game because he threatened the coach?

If yes to any of the above, anger is (or too close to comfort) and anger is needed.

When does the problem arise?

Anger, like any emotion, is normal. We have emotions for good reasons. They keep us close to those who protect us and take us away from what threatens us. They give us strength to protect ourselves when we need it. Emotions give the color, depth and meaning of our lives. Research shows that feeling uneasy leads to worse decision making.

But as all things are moderate, too much anger can be harmful. A good question is to ask if there is a problem with anger, is there anger or anger? Am I angry or an angry man?

Many people who have anger do not realize. (You may read this because it is related to such a person!) People with emotional problems usually belong to two groups. There are some who think there is something wrong with them and there are some people who think something is wrong with others. Many are angry with the second group. They think that if other people just stopped like idiots, they wouldn't be so angry! Those who belong to the second group are much more difficult to help because they do not believe they need it.

So what do you do if you or someone you love have anger problems?

Take responsibility for your anger problem

The first step in your angry question is that I have a problem. Stop others for destructive behavior. If you are in contact with someone who does not take responsibility for their behavior, especially if you offend you or others, they will probably not change. If you are emotionally excited or physically excited, you should get advice and discuss the possibility of eliminating yourself from this situation.

Helping with the problem of anger

People who are struggling with anger often find it difficult to accept that they need help. They believe that recognizing the problem and helping others is a sign of weakness or vulnerability. They may not be happy with such feelings. But the truth is that a warrior who fights against himself will never win. As humble, we all need help. If you are an angry man, you may feel that you have to do everything yourself! It's hard to know you don't have to. You can't actually do it alone. Nothing requires more courage than when you first enter a therapy room.
Use Shrinky's 5-step program for anger management

Continuous collaboration with the counselor is important to help you find the root of your anger and help you solve your life situations that provoke your anger. But while doing this long-term work, you can use a program that will help you deal with the instant feeling. That's what I call the remedy of Shrinky's anger.

Follow the five steps of Shrinky Anger Remedy:

Awareness: If you know what you feel in your body and think in your mind, then you are more likely to be aware of your feelings and then be able to to do something about them.

Joining: If you attach your feelings and thoughts to your emotions, you can choose to calm down instead of reaction.


Imagine and Release: Instead of insisting on your guilt, you can imagine releasing your toxic anger if you can calm your body quite well.

Refocus: Anger is fed by obsession. The more you think about what you can mistake, the worse you will be. Once you get to know yourself, join your feelings, set yourself up and let go, you can redirect your attention to a more enjoyable one.

You can learn to handle your anger

Many angry in the world today. I think that justified indignation is a good thing. But we use our anger for constructive purposes: the elimination of injustice, the hypocrisy and the lie, the creation of a better place in the world. The cab, waiter or 7-year-old girl describes how to learn how to redirect anger to the right place.

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