"Not only the suppression of anger is prone to illness, but the experience of anger has also shown that it promotes healing or at least survival."

– Gábor Maté ; The Cost of Hidden Stress

I basically love hanging in the garden. But I have to admit I felt mixed feelings when I was working in my last home in the yard.

Unfortunately, in the seven years I lived there more often than not many ways of neighboring noise to struggle while trying to make peace in my little garden: screaming of children, parents screaming at the kids for long hours used great band saws, power pads, and boom-boom boom bass from music and video games

And then … there was traffic.

I've been on a road trip that is growing and growing ever increasing in our growing city, so maintenance and construction vehicles are loud on weekdays. Pebble and cement trucks (along with buses and Harley Davidson motorcycles) are LOUD vehicles, especially when they accelerate – which was strangely often in front of the house. Years ago, I tried the garden in the yard without the earbud earphones.

A few days later, I could put my back in the backyard without headphones or headphones – but not too often. But on a long weekend that would become the last summer of my home, I found myself working without a ear protector in my backyard. It is delightful (and strangely) quiet. I heard the birds cry. It was nice. The reason for this was that my neighbor with the screaming children had moved six months earlier and picked up his house. I was not grateful for the relative calm and silence.

One of my tasks in my garden, the long weekend of intersecting invertebrates and vineyards. Both grapes grew under control and strangled the neighboring trees, so I cut and cut and cut down.

After a while, however, it should have been a ladder, meaning that I could meet in my neighbor's yard – the one who (though by chance) was so angry with me over the years. And the more I did, the sadger I was than my neighbor: a) he was so noisy and messy over the years; b) just confuse your home and your garden cleaning now that it's time to sell and make cash. "Blaming others takes enormous amounts of mental energy … you feel helpless in your own life because your happiness is subject to the actions and behaviors of others that you can not control." Richard Carlson, Do not Be Aware of the Little Things

First, the loud my neighbor (or rather the empty back yard) I controlled this confusing anger, I felt more therapeutic. But the more I got angry, the more I began to turn to anger, because I finally realized that I was who decided to stay in her home for seven years. No one was forced to stay and tolerate the noisy neighbors. I was terrible myself.

By the end of the weekend I was exhausted. But let me tell you my garden looks good! The poor spherical did not know what impacted him. And then you would not know that two days later I used reflexology on my leg – and I woke up in the dog the next morning. This strange headache was on my head as if my body wanted to push the steam on the tip – but she did not know. It was nausea and had no appetite or energy. And I fell asleep. I drank enough water to cover a battleship as my body tried to get rid of all the old, toxic anger that surfaced, but it seemed to have been trapped.

The gully worked. The next day I woke up and felt very good for my usual self. And my wrath is broken: "I authorize you to harm anyone, if I allow myself to experience anger and examine what it would have caused, to be angry or let go, the most important thing is that I did not cease to experience." – Maté Gábor When the Body Say No

Afterwards, over the years I expressed my anger (one thinks that based on the lively phone calls made by family and friends on the noisy neighbors and the loud traffic situation) I'm sure. I suspect that I was just suppressing – and this made a spinster unnecessary to bring it to the surface … and reflexology and water purification to finally let go.

Interestingly, I sold my home two weeks later … and I have not put it on the market. Anger out; full steam ahead.

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