The most recent brain wave frequency identified by scientists was Gamma. However, as there is a contradiction in the upper limit of Beta brain waves, some researchers say Gamma is not the fifth rhythm. Although it is believed that Gamma brainwave frequencies range from 38 Hz to 70 Hz, it is fairly exceptional when frequencies higher than 45 Hz are found. The most common frequency of Gamma brain waves is about 40Hz.

Notwithstanding the controversy, Gamma Brainwaves are similar to Beta, only faster, and so have advantages. This is because when your brain is in Gamma mode, it works at optimum frequency, somewhat higher than the upper limit of Beta. The major benefits associated with Gamma brain waves are as follows:

  1. Exceptional Memory
  2. Gamma mode makes it easier to recall data and events because information comes from every part of the brain. This greatly improves memory.

  3. Awareness of the Universe
  4. Since the brain waves of the Gamma allow your neurons to communicate better with you, your sense of reality will rise to the point that you are more aware of yourself.

  5. Higher emotions
  6. All the information that your brain receives through sensory organs is processed at much higher speeds when Gamma's brain waves dominate.

  7. Advanced Learning
  8. As your brain works at optimum frequencies, processes processes faster and is fully involved, it is much better able to learn and store information than other brainwave modes.

  9. Positive Thinking
  10. This is probably the level of participation that people experience when their brains are in Gamma Mode. As they reach their goal more often, they feel more confident and thus have encouraging thoughts about themselves.

  11. Information processing.
  12. We have already mentioned that Gamma brain waves make it possible for neurons to communicate better with each other, to fully participate in all parts of the brain. This will result in your brain being able to process data to increase record levels.

  13. Increased energy.
  14. All activities that happen in your brain when Gamma brainwaves dominate appear in your body. So it's not surprising that people in the Gamma Mode have a higher energy level.

  15. Higher IQ.
  16. Having said that, this is not really a brain. When people are processed faster and have better learning ability, their intelligence levels are usually higher and IQ scores are also high.

Everyone is alive in all brainwave modes, but only one of the dominant at any given time. In children, Alpha is the most widespread brainwave, while in adults, Beta. This is largely because these two frequencies are essentially located in the middle of each. It is unusual to find people whose dominant brain waves are Gamma or Delta, all of which are at the opposite end of the scale. However, traditional techniques such as meditation and yoga, as well as new tools and technologies, such as the brainwaves drain, knowingly have access to one of these brainwashing modes.

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