About 8 out of 10 people on the planet have some kind of faith, religion or belief in some divine power and / or the main being (s). Many religions, spiritual powers, scripts and interpretations are divine and each of them seems to have the power to intervene in some way or in their lives. For the sake of comment, we simply call this divine power / greater energy, the Universe. I think it's great if people believe in something that goes beyond their human existence and somehow get to control your life and tell you why.

You don't have to worry

The essence of stress in people's lives is to worry about things they can't control. This lack of control causes anxiety and stress. If you eliminate your unknown item in a few short moments of your life, the symptoms will disappear, anxiety will stop, and you will need more peace of mind.

This is where believers have an advantage over non-believers. He believes that this helping hand favors & # 39; which will always be there in good and bad condition, avoiding the way through their lives. Level of concern & # 39; their lives can be influenced and influenced by their faith. If you think the results are dictated by the Universe, this is a huge weight that your shoulder will lose. Didn't you get this job? You don't have to worry, you didn't want to stand, but the will of the Universe, and something better.


But faith is not an excuse. Free choice is a gift to humanity and must always be a priority. You can't blame the Universe for not rewarding & nbsp; work when you have not made any effort on one. The Universe simply does not send an angel to knock at the door and invite you to brake hamburgers in heaven and offer a small fortune in return. This is where some people are wrong. This principle applies everything and everything in life. Another good example is disease and medical care. Think of your universe as a universe so stupid that it would not provide people with the brilliance of science? So go on, say a little prayer, but don't forget to take your medication.

You have a choice in life and you always have to put the job into action. The result of this work is that it often goes beyond your control, whether it is positive or worst, the Universe is responsible. and take care of it. It is not a fundamentalist belief that everything comes from the Universe in life. It's about having a little more faith in your destiny and getting the most out of it. It is about opening your mind to the unknown and experiencing what you can do in your life. Ultimately, you think or not. Either way, focus-focused actions are the essence of every life. You have the opportunity to worry and emphasize it, or simply let things happen, and provided you have done your job and done well, you can simply focus on what you can control and relax.

& # 39; But I'm an atheist, some of whom say. This is not about faith in God, but about faith. Faith is a different concept (although it is often used interchangeably, faith is another thing). Faith is not about believing in a certain thing (eg God). Instead, it is about the recognition of the unknown, and we hope that things will turn around or not. It is about incorporating the great mystery of life and accepting that it does not control what is happening to you. This is why believers are one step in this game, so the atheist or not, has a bit more faith in your destiny and cold.

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