Proverbs explain good manners: "Guide the child to the way it is, and when he is old, he will not leave".

My parents told me that every day,

You can say, "No one looks at me anymore that I can cheat, or just today, I can dissect my neighbors roses, or later, I can work later." Beware! Things that you do wrong from time to time become bad habits, so I would do better than what's always right and true.

I remind my students about the golden rule: "Do not do with others that you do not love for others."

And do not forget the commandments of the Holy Bible. In Matthew 26, the greatest commandment is that above all God is to love and the other to love your neighbor as yourself. These two commandments cover the law.

In schools, they have a duty to teach students about etiquette and behavior. In every job every person has a duty to present work ethics

Good behavior and good behavior begin to know how to say, please, sorry, thank you, sir, and save me, among other things. These little deeds are due to kindness, love, and humility.

Try these examples.

Please do your job right away.

I'm sorry I could not take part in your party.

Thank you for your help.

Madame, here's your book.

Sir, you phoned.

I'm sorry I was late.

Models make things better. They help us live in life, we are happy and we live in peace. They help us to behave in ways that are best for everyone.

Nowadays, people with behavior are rare. And since we all want to notice, we sometimes harass others and respect their rights. We are rumored, arrogant, dazzled, counting on chores, or lacking in our hearts to help if needed. Many of us become negligible and do not forget about the miraculous word that is discipline. Let's start with ourselves and carefully choose our friends. Learn to say, even if everyone else does it. And always do not forget to tell the truth and do what's right.

When I was younger, I always remember what the elders taught me. Mentors, parents, bosses, aunts, uncles and good friends made life easier and more organized if we lived in good manners. I also teach this to children and adults around me.

If you asked me to ask something like that, "I need a piece of paper".

I asked him to say this again.

The student asks, "Please, I need a paper."

"Change your diaper"


"Please change your diaper"

Please sorry and thank you for being magical words. 19659002] Of course, we must pray to the guidance of the Holy Ghost to follow God's path in everything.

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