If more salt than pepper in your hair, this is a constant reminder that you are no longer young. This reality can be very confusing. The reactions are different. If you decide to concentrate on salt, accept the inevitable, and put yourself back in order to be a lifeguard, then no special action is needed. However, if the pepper calls to the side, aggressive steps are needed to maintain high performance.

There are three areas where adjustment may be needed to compete at a younger level.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mental Exercise

Nutrition is becoming increasingly important to maintain health. Fortunately, there is a lot of advice and help available. Unfortunately, a lot of information is bad. Your good health is worth the time needed to solve the fads and misunderstandings.

Physical education provides a lot of help to anyone who is looking for another person of interest. The routine of information, equipment and training is the problem.

The subject of mental practice shows a different situation. No major economic engine will lead to products for mental development, so that all your needs can be included in your local brain gym. Mental stimulant materials are very diverse and scattered.

Slovenian intellectual management, which can lead to salt in the hair, means what I call mind rot leading to forgetting, weak concentration, lower cognitive forces, and extreme dementia.

To prevent the rot of the mind, active forms of mental stimulation must be involved. This category includes creative endeavors, where the mind is needed to produce results such as painting, sculpture, design, playing music (better composing) and writing.

Games such as Sudoku, Scrabble, Chess, Go and Card Games are all useful in preventing the rot of the mind. The mind must fight to answer. There is a need for practice to work at a high level.

Watching TV is the senses instead of stimulating them. Although reading is a better mental activity than watching television and listening to music, it is still considered a passive occupation.

The different ways of stimulating thinking is my preference. When I started writing as a serious business, I had the basic skills … my literacy. I didn't need a partner, either a double, a foursome, a 5, a 7, a 9, or 11. That's portable. With this activity I can take part in my desk, kitchen table, front yard, river or boat. I did not have to buy special equipment or clothing, or for court, course, park or field events … no snow days or rain delays.

Many writing forms have a number of subgroups. Some of them:

  • Short story
  • Mainstream novel
  • Genre (romance, mystery, science fiction, western)
  • Nonfiction (history, biography, memorabilia, how, cookbooks)
  • Poetry

The novel is my expression. I prefer fiction because it allows me to choose anything. I can write about real places or fantastic things … about other planets inhabited by my own creatures. Abduction is a difficult time to catch a rising mind.

The benefits of writing are many. When the mind focuses on the flow of a story or the formation of a character, there is little loneliness, boredom, worry and pain. With the rotation of the mind, you improve the quality of your life with your writing action and extend your life.

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