Mind is what many people understand as the headquarters of human cognitive power: our thinking, feeling, and perception. When you study a exam, you use your mind. If you feel happy or sad, use your mind. If a conversation partner interprets facial expressions, he uses his mind. In fact, your mind is used every second – but it does not always know about it.

Consciousness is a key term because the mind can be divided into two parts: mind and subconscious. Your conscious consciousness is what you know very well – it is responsible for all the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions you are aware of. But the subconscious mind is much more mysterious – and yet the release of your secrets can help you gain a deeper insight into who you are and why you are on the road.

A conscious mind

Simply determined, conscious consciousness is all we know; all thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that can be rationally evaluated. For example, when you have a conversation with a friend, you are aware of the things you say and so you can give advice because you consciously appreciated the things that you have rationally said.

The subconscious Mind
The subconscious theory is like a huge space that contains all the memories, feelings, thoughts, perceptions and desires that you've ever lived – you just do not know them. But even if you are not aware of the content of your subconscious mind, you still have a daily impact on them. They form your habits, beliefs, attitudes and responses to people and the surrounding world. Sometimes the subconscious provides a positive reservoir with beliefs, attitudes and emotions to draw. But sometimes, unfortunately, the subconscious is full of negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, very often because of early trauma or bad experiences.

So why do you understand your conscious and subconscious nature? Because it allows you to find healing, happiness and peace in your life. If your conscious consciousness is aware of the content of your subconscious mind that can be achieved by hypnotherapy, you can consciously change your subconscious thoughts, convictions and attitudes. Changes can lead to a number of positive outcomes: smoking, weight loss and anxiety and depression. If you let the conscious and subconscious parts of your team work together, great things happen. And he deserves great things to happen to you.

If you allow the conscious and subconscious part of your mind to work together, great things happen. Great things like smoking and weight loss. Do you agree? We would like to hear your thoughts and learn more about yourself, so do not forget that you love Facebook. And if you want to give us a cry, get to know the world through Twitter!

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