If you're like most family women, you're still working in your "free" time. Turning off is not a rest or play, but a steep hump of never-ending jobs. Homework is needed, but you remember, as Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, "The days are long, but the years are short!"

How to Know the Complex Balance

Many women working, including "home-stay" moms, are still doing more than their decent work. Just think: if someone had to pay for family maintenance work, the estimate would rise to $ 100,000 a year!

Want to see your time? Get the paper and divide the page into three columns. The first column lists all weekly household tasks. The next column shows the approximate duration per week. In the third column, who does it. Now add everyone and transfer them!

Even toddlers can put on clothes, pick up and help with simple jobs. My six-year-old granddaughter is able to run the vacuum through the high traffic areas. Encouraging young people in the positive direction of the younger age will save you a few hours later. My mother was always stressed in doing housework. I do not blame him, but he did not help motivate me a lot. Life Insurance and Author Martha Beck Created a Priority Enhancement Tool 19459004 4 B: Her Bag, Barter It, Better It, and Batch It 19459004 19459004 to flood it! If you squeeze it once a week, can you get it done twice a month? Let go of what you know. People who really love you do not care about a little dust at their final table. So trade, including money, means someone else is doing it. Women often say that they can not afford cleaners, but regularly spend a casual dinner. Do you feel guilty of paying someone for your "you" job? Think of it as an invaluable investment that gives valuable time to you and your family. You'd better bring something nice to something terrible. Hate the foods? It's better to make a playlist that scatters your energy! Make a game and count the songs you need to empty the basin. "It's Better for Kids and Google" "Games That Can Take Your Kids To Your Home"

Batch It Choose an hour for your family to "just do it" time. Turn off the electronics and do not do anything else at this time . Have fun and create rewards for everyone, including yourself. Rewards are powerful incentives, and they do not have to be complex or expensive.

Organize on the Baby Stairs

Large workplaces need to be cut off in small steps and start the smallest. Allow you to stop after the first step is completed . Let's say to ourselves that we need to get rid of the one-legged step from the motivation of mental stress and ultimately inspire to continue.

Small things add up. Clean the natural cleaning tapes in the bathroom and wipe the surfaces a few times a week after the bathroom routine. You already have it and it takes 60 seconds to empty the sink. When you walk in a room, pick up some things. (See next.)

Get your habits in place, even if you're just piles. Specify specific areas for papers, postal items, dirty clothes, jackets and shoes. Even a small organization can save huge time looking for lost items, reducing disorder and making cleaning more efficient; selecting one of the pits is easier than finding a cleaning day.

The well-done is half-finished. (Mary Poppins was right!) Pick one thing and just get out! It's never as painful as we think it is and it usually happens before we know it. Find the balance, have fun, do it and continue your life!

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