Have you ever heard the phrase "stop your head on the wall!" This is an old term that my mother uses and which is basically the following: There are certain things that are as productive and healthy as their heads to hit the wall.

The interesting thing wall, known as HBS, is the tendency to repeat itself. What else is coming up from my childhood: "When will you learn?" Like, "How many times do you have to crush your head to the wall to figure out how to hurt?"

Why is it that after our mother has given us this wisdom or has it been for a very long time to figure it out or have not done it yet? I mean really, are we as thick as bricks on the wall? Determining insanity to follow the same thing and waiting for different results. That is why our mother resides, "Are you a nut or something?"

During Life Training, we often find that people just do this … continue the usual behavior patterns that not only do not work but actually hurt. We fall into a sample and we insist on hell or high water. An automatic pilot works. We think that we make real decisions in our actions, but far from it. Usual behavior leads us. We do not really control our lives.

Common behavior is often a result of behavioral adaptations, which we did in a younger age. You know, if your mother does not like you enough, he might have made the habit of looking for love in every wrong place. I'm sorry. And he repeated this behavior, a behavior that came from a childhood reaction, but one that certainly does not work as an adult until he finally ends up with a head that is caused by all kinds of bruising. Finally, a little light went down in the old bar. What about this?

Who is responsible here? Maybe this is the childhood voice in your head that says you do not like it. Is this the voice telling the truth? No. This is a sound, only a sound and a very outdated and unreliable information. We can call Troll, a demon. You started to turn back when you were younger when you made childhood decisions for survival. Who are you listening to … or you?

Stand with your head and it. As your mother knew she was not going anywhere. There is no place for fun anywhere. Understand the sound in your mind that this is … a voice that wants to prevent normal behavior that protects you from inner consciousness and hence any better change.

Begin by recognizing the sound and noticing it. This is it. It is worth noticing. Do not argue or try to conduct a rational conversation. This is not a rational voice. Trust me, I know from experience. After knowing this presence, he may decide to ignore it. Consciousness, then purity leads to conscious decisions; decisions you and yours. Nothing unconscious like trolls or bad habits.

They strive to create new habits. If your life is guided by bad habits, you can use the good habits you consciously choose to do. You just have to stick to the custom for three months and be safe. Just take a picture of what you want to look like your behavior, and include ten habits that take you with the image.

It works the same way with your life. Where would you like to be in what you and what you are doing in ten years? Think of the ten habits that will bring you to the Future of Me and begin these guides today. Working from the future.

If you really want to make better changes, you need to be aware of what works. This takes a job … but again, as Mom always said, "The effort you have made to something determines what you get out of it." Or it was, "Nothing is worth it easy." Whatever it is, it gets the picture.

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