I would like to introduce one of the simplest but most effective stress management techniques in the difficult times I discovered a few years ago, but I would first like to tell a story.

There is a story about a king who bought wisdom. He sought his whole kingdom for wisdom, and found him not. Sometimes he heard of a man who lives in a remote part of the kingdom with great wisdom.

The king sent this man and bought it to the court, and the king offered a great reward to man if he shared the secret of his wisdom.

The man agreed and left the king's presence.

He returned a few weeks later and presented the king in a small box.

The king was a little surprised and very disappointed when he opened the box and removed a ring. "This is it?" the wise man shouted.

"Put the ring on your finger and read the caption aloud," the wise man replied.

The King read the inscription: "This will continue".

The wise man advised the king: "Always wear that ring and watch it often and whether you have luck or resistance, remind yourself that it is …"

King was pleased to find true wisdom and rewarded man with great wealth.

How I discovered the "That's Over Will" rule

About 12 years ago, I worked in a senior management position at a large, multi-million-dollar IT program in London. Different projects have marked a significant change in customer service service processes.

It was an extremely depressed course that was made much more difficult because my employers, who were the chief contractor and customer IT department, had a hostile relationship with us who had direct contact with our clients. s business users.

Because these situations occur so often, it was an extremely political environment where the client's IT staff and entrepreneurial emails were used to commit abuse and usually confused things.

A typical strategy was that the client's project manager or one of his teams make a critical – but inaccurate and misleading – e-mail, as well as copying the top management and directors in the client organization and primarily. entrepreneur – and thus to ensure the continued rise of highly politicized issues.

This would happen several times a week.

My role in all of these was to work as a buffer and filter for my boss, who was the program director to spread offensive e-mails, fix underlying issues and / or propose solutions, and neutralize policies.

All this is a little hard to believe without working on a big messy IT project (the big ones are almost always messy!) – but I'm sure it's true if I say it's not uncommon to get the best part of a day to cope with one of the emails.

Often, my college – the program manager and myself have personally criticized these emails in an unfair and inaccurate manner. He was wearing, draining and deeply uncomfortable (and I was just stuck for money – a lot of money at that time).

But here's the thing, though, I didn't know anything about consciousness, and I quickly discovered the truth of the story that 's going to pass on.

I quickly realized that these angry and defensive states were automatically donkeys, but if I just sat with them and watched them without going through them for about 24 hours.

Then I was able to practice cleanliness and handle tricky policies on behalf of my boss and for the best results.

This program has become known on our site, as it will "hand over" rule and the first lesson in the power of exercising consciousness.

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