There are baseball ideas and some quotes that all youth baseball coaches would appreciate. There are too many hot dog players and coaches in youth baseball today. I think we have to respect the game's baseball for example. Most are just common sense and courtesy. I will not give you a secret formula for success. Let's behave like mature adults and remember that there is not a team full of future professional baseball players, though other people think differently.

All members of the team must be ready to sweat, effort and sacrifice. When you look at it as a player, it's critical. There are too many egoists among the players. Selfishness is an anesthetic that blurs the pain of nonsense.

Success is expensive. You have to change something solid for yourself to succeed.

Focus on improving your weaknesses. More obvious than strong points.

No player ever succeeds by giving up.

If your coach criticizes you, he indicates that he is watching him, so be appreciated.

Never alibi. Objections never win the games.

Be sure. Tell yourself that I know I need it.

Be a good team player. Encourage your teammates to work with them. They will do the same.

Do not yell at the officers or on the dungeon. They are rarely responsible for the success, so do not blame them for your failure.

Your behavior in both the field and the field counts as a real test of you as an individual. This reflects the reliability, the responsibility and the degree of self-giving.

Some anonymous quotes …

If yesterday seems to you big yesterday, you did not do much today.

The coach is not always OK, but he's always the coach.

When I won, I thought I was lucky, but the harder it was to work, the luckier.

Everyone has a problem with the winners

Not always victorious, but never loser

Knowing someone who has always had a good deal to gain testimony –

Repetition is the mother of education

I'm getting ready and maybe my chance will come

Enthusiasm is like a paint layer – it fails a lot of mistakes [19659002] Small things are doing great things

The safest way to make a mistake is to succeed.

Player, Ace is rarely satisfied with what he is doing.

When the winner makes a mistake, he says I was wrong. A loser makes a mistake, he says, was not my fault.

Hunting Sophie! You can not survive without it.

Enthusiasm and Action Overcome Fear

The Best Key to Success is Good Attitude

If you think you are good, why not be better. If you think you are better then the best.

The winner is not everything, but wants to win.

You need a cool head to win a hot game.

means more than baseball.

You can never advance someone until you try to stay with them.

Thank you for your time, I hope these quotes surround you with no quotes, and you will help with this long winter, waiting for the start of the baseball season.

Thank you, Coach Chip

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