There are enemies. A cruel enemy, full of cunning and without taking care of you or your aspirations. It is inconceivable and never to endure the destruction with you by spoiling your dreams and planning plans for a better, happier life. One of its aims is security. You do not see it. You can not get it. But you will feel the pain without knowing how to fight it.

The name of the devastating invisible enemy? Fear.

Let me guess. There have been many fantastic options in your life. Every time you showed up, somehow you missed some way. And if I like it, frustration comes when others find the moment and take the most out of the opportunity transmitted.

Here's another problem: as the years go by, we're sorry to look back on these occasions. Think about missed chances, an ever-changing path that could lead to the garden of happiness and fulfillment. Another life, a life you dreamed of, is a life you love that you lived. But unfortunately, you chose another way, you chose the many. A safe and safe route away from excitement and adventure is free of risk and dangers.

Safe life. It's a life where you know where you are and what you're doing tomorrow. This is the path that most people choose, and of course, when you choose to follow the majority, you will get what the majority get: a safe but life-threatening life where the level of happiness is minimal and excitation and performance are almost in no – exists.

Security. Safety. Compliance.

So, why did not you take the risk, adventure, and excitement? What prevented you from choosing another course in life, a life – if you're completely honest with me – that you really want to live right now in your heart?

It has nothing to do with invisible hostility. Fear is like a computer virus. If fear has flooded your mind, its widespread devastating effect extends to all areas of life. Especially your imagination is suspicious of your strength. The idea is one of the strongest forces, and either you are encouraged to do great things or corrupt every opportunity that comes your way by ventilating your fears.

Let me give you an example. You had the opportunity to do the job you've always loved. However, you have to move to another area on the other side of the country. There's a big chance you'll get a very good salary, you're doing something you enjoy, and you will grow and develop much more than you can in your current role.

Sounds good, is not it? But fear retreats like an angry cobra. You are trying to change it and your determination to stop it. You start a series of negative reviews: you may not like the new area; work is difficult and too much to do; the family may not want to move – and more and more. Sleepless nights. Sweat. Shakes. Suddenly, the move does not sound good. After all, things are not too bad right now, right? Why do they change?

Breathless, torturing and cruel. Fear persuades you to choose a safe safe route. Determine your happiness when robbery is a wonderful opportunity from you. Every time you succeed, there is a chance to grow and experience more from life.

It's important to recognize that fear is for you. If you do not, you risk running from a safe road to the safe areas of security and regrets the life you really wanted, but your invisible enemy stolen from it. And this is an enemy who does not feel any conscience.


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