It is almost universally accepted that a woman who has a fraudulent husband is a woman who is struggling with confidence and self-esteem. I must admit that I know the women who remained solid in the knowledge that they were wonderful people who did nothing wrong. My neighbor and close friend once told her husband and her self-esteem: "Why do I have to change my mind about myself?" The problem is with him, not with me, but one whose self-confidence must be credited. I'm worried I keep all the cards, I can tell what's going on with our marriage and our lives. I've been envious of this view long ago, especially at the beginning. Because no matter how hard I tried, I could not accept myself.

Obviously I knew I was not mistaken. I also knew that technically nothing changed, so I did not feel "less". But I could not help all those nasty worries that slid to my mind, such as "I'm older and all I can do is turn around the clock." Or, "maybe I was bored and I'm not so excited to be there since I became my mother." Or "how can I compete with younger, enthusiastic and naive women in my husband's office?" All these disturbances were distorted in my self-esteem. And I know I'm not alone. I have a wife who tells me that their self-esteem and confidence have made great hits after they know about her husband's relationship. They might say things like, "I admit that I do not look exactly as I did on the day my husband married, but who did it, just as my husband could have come up with my look.I would be wondering if you would look outside of our marriage if you were thinner or more remarkable I admit that the most I've just mentioned focuses on childcare And now I think my husband just thinks I'm witty and boring, he says he wants to save our marriage and say that I am as beautiful and interesting as ever, it seems honest but hard to believe if this is true why he would have cheated? When I was with my husband, sometimes I looked hard in my eyes, I've got myself the main character sometimes my leg, my husband is a successful man, he is very smart, his brain always works. I feel desperate for me because I'm staying with the kids. I told my mother she told me I must abandon this attitude and strengthen my level of trust, because no one will attract anyone who doubts. She says when I behave like I'm not good enough, my husband might start to believe this. "

I agree with your mother and help the man to you.It is not fair to you and not accurate. It said I knew how difficult it could be to act or pretended to be confident if something else or confident you feel it, but I've learned that you really have to try it In this case, you really have to do it until you do it If you go with yourself as you feel it, you go as if it is insecure, broken and only partially complete It's not, who you are and not that you need to see yourself (especially if you are not the one who did something bad).

I can share some things that helped me regain my confidence, but just play different things until she finds what works for you (and not something I've noticed, may disturb my husband). For example, when I evaluated the concern that I am too old, I look objectively I did eat things and I told myself that this was not really true. Instead of being the best, and trying to preserve my enthusiasm and energy for life, it was not comfortable to pretend I was younger than me or trying to be someone I was not. My husband knows my age well. I can not fool that I'm younger. I can look as good as I can to see it. And I can be healthy. But the healthy is not part of its obsession. And I do not respect myself to blur my experience of life. But one thing I did not leave was the feeling that I was isolated because of parental discrimination. Please do not misunderstand me. I love my kids, and I think parenting is one of the most important reasons I'm on this Earth. But I decided to take some classes just to continue to use my sense of otherwise in order to increase my confidence. It was good to know that if something had happened to my marriage, I took care of myself. And I think both my husband and myself have respected me.

The parts of my look and my dress that made me happy. I did not change my opinion that my husband would need it. I've changed the changes you want. I think this is a very important difference. I made changes that made me feel good. If we feel good, it is much easier to illuminate confidence because we really feel it.

Again, these things will be very unique. I do not know what it hurts to objectively determine where there is no confidence. But there are all these places. The case only lighted them. They were there already, but now they are of course strengthened. So it is time to discuss them and find out that you should never allow anyone to see or "less" and include themselves. He will do his best to keep his head high and gain confidence – and ultimately true confidence will follow.

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