Many people are looking for ways to improve their brain function. True, there are many ways people can improve their IQ, but it's simple, fun, and cost-free: physical movement. Yes, sporting regularly not only improves appearance and keeps the disease away, but also increases its intelligence.

Swimming, like any other sport, is very useful for the whole human body. It helps individuals strengthen their muscles, get rid of problems and stress, blood circulation and detoxify the body. In addition, during swimming, they create new relationships between the neurons. These relationships are responsible for improving memory and improving the functioning of the brain. The more connections between neurons are, the more things you will learn and use over time. Thus, the increased IQ that each person wants depends almost entirely on physical movements and usually from swimming. To achieve these benefits, the individual can entertain himself as swimming is perhaps one of the most fun sports we can practice.

As you practice water, swimming is not as tiring as any other sport. There are people who say that they can swim for hours without feeling tired, which can not be said of other types of sports. In addition there are many types of swimming that can be practiced, which significantly reduces the annoyance that many people experience when they do the same thing over and over again. Each of the swimming styles has the same effect on your brain, so those who choose swimming for their favorite physical activity can enjoy the benefits of swimming regardless of the style they choose to exercise.

Like any other activity For swimming to be effective, each person must start practicing his own rhythm and gradually increase the time spent on swimming and its speed. Forcing the body to exercise more than it can, it can result in frustration and fatigue, and it does not help brain development.

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