Are you tight in catching up with the world or wisely over the whole world? Stress indicates that there is no point in the functioning of your mind. This shows a wrong relationship to what you think, feel, sense or do. – The ability of a unique personality. The problem is that everyone else in the world is as unique as you, and sometimes its uniqueness clashes or collides with their own! What to do?

Well, you can simply kill anyone who disagrees with you – but we learned from Forensic Files that it's not that easy. In the absence of murder, there are many ways to resolve conflicts, but most of them are short-lived because they are more concerned with the symptoms of stress than the cause. Medicine and psychiatry provide little help. If a tablet or surgery does not fix it – it will be lost.

Here's the Knowledge and Method: The first and last thing we need to understand about stress is that it causes your personally! You mistakenly experience life from a personally biased perspective instead of a neutral . Your uniqueness can bring a very interesting personality but more than a personality. It's just part of the body.

You also have a "mind" part. The mind is part of your conscious or "spiritual" part. The part that knows and guides about what he thinks, senses, and does while does them. – Two separate and separate entities that work together. And here's the key: To the extent these two entities are separated, stress is not possible!

The connection works when it works correctly: The body is self personal your conscious self im personal. The conscious self is related to your personal self as if the personal self was completely separate from the world. The conscious self as if would completely ignore the fact that he is in the world at all. they were completely autonomous. They only treat them on their own and on their own – there is no external or additional relationship at all. Thoughts only thoughts. Feelings are just feelings. Sensations, only feelings. Movement, movement only . No reasoning, no rating, no comment or no comment. There is no "personal" consideration. Consciousness knows things simply and precisely! Period. So the method and the way of thinking is to keep the mirror-like distance from everything you see, hear, think, feel and do – all the time, according to your best ability. This is amazing!

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