The way in which mind control is done, many of us probably consider a special topic that is not personal. Many people think it's being used for film. In fact, we really have someone to control the mind and learn what to do and our interest in knowing something about it to understand how to avoid and protect ourselves. Since ancient times, man has made efforts in this field, so this is not a new tool.

The audited work communities have been operating for hundreds of years and the current mind control technology occurred after the Second World War. You may not be familiar with many attempts during this period, unless you are a student. This is not what the government is very proud of, so while reports and studies have come up with some experience, they are not openly discussing, like the CIA's responsibilities, that the United States has been involved in recent years.

There are two different methods of mind control, one based on psychological trauma, one based on physical trauma.

One way of controlling a person is the victim's huge psychological and physical trauma. The purpose of this procedure is to damage the psyche and change the personality so that the individual can reprogram the necessary functions or tasks that the programmer wanted to install. In fact, the victim is not consciously aware of the changes in his psyche and personality.

Once this is done, the programmer may change the personality of the person using special codes stored on the computer. The victim may also be affected by sounds, words or actions known as triggers. The second technique was trauma-based, developed by Dr. Joseph Mengele. It uses electronic inductions, but in the end this technique is completely abandoned. This technique was primarily used by the military and the Nazis, even after the end of the Second World War.

The point is to think about how to think to see what kind of death method is such a kind and what damage it can cause. Mind control is also called compelling persuasion, thought control, and brainwashing. All of these methods are basically unethical manipulation methods that are used to convince people to meet the wishes of a person using the mind. The ethical use of hypnotic techniques also makes it possible to influence the behavior of others, but it goes beyond the brief introduction to this topic.

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