1 — The first thing you need to do is try to identify what kind of temperament you have, so you will know what kind of person you are, maybe the kind of person who has a very warm and spontaneous temperament, or perhaps a cool and quiet type. This way you can avoid and control situations that are angry. So try to know which category you belong to, which helps in many ways.

2 — Try to avoid unnecessary arguments as much as possible, the emotions that you are too sensitive for you, whether sport or as fast as possible to avoid religion, politics, faith that doesn't go well with his temperament.

3 — Whenever you feel, just walk from the scene, look for a quiet place, it helps to dispel the tension, and cold water is poured into the very hot emotions; to think and think about the circumstances when you go see a nice day ….

4 — Avoid taking addictive drugs to suppress anger, it only aggravates the problem, depression can get involved, so just work on it with strength and determination.

5 — Smile faster, try to keep in mind activation like sharing jobs, continuing healthy and easy discussions with this positive activity. the less you experience this bad anger and uncontrolled anger …

6 — Always this on the back of the mind, there is always a negative consequence, and nothing good comes out of a stupid anger, the more you register it better for your psyche.

7 — Pray hard with God, all these are so possible, let the omnipotent peace remain in your heart, it will help.

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