Cognitive distortion is "a flaw in judgment that is caused by memory, social attribution, and statistical errors". Not only are these bias tendencies common to all people, but presumably follow obvious and predictable patterns. These prejudices can help the brain accelerate the information, but often without any mistakes. Various situations require you to know how to determine bias, how to determine cognitive distortion.

How to Determine Cognitive Distortion in a Meeting Room

Since cognitive distortion is based on thought-provoking ideas, it works if it's ever a jury. The bandwagon effect describes one man's tendency to co-operate with other group thinking. As a member of the jury, we must pay attention to testimonies and to questions raised by lawyers. Your jury work is to evaluate the evidence to make an important decision on the sins of the person and it is important to be able to determine bias, even if it is yours. Transparency can overcome the reliability of legal evidence, which is one of the biggest reasons why witness testimony is unreliable.

Cognitive considerations are based on memory

Cognitive distortion can be in our memory as much as it can remember memories or only degrade them. There are a number of different memory bias, including the effect of humor that states that humorous events are better than others. The generation effect means remembering something that you have generated more than someone else has told you. Have you ever known the elderly adults who often told the same story? Did they make a more positive memory, as they say? This is called a positive effect and suggests that older adults are likely to like negative negative memories, so details are adjusted accordingly.

The ability to determine cognitive distortion

If you are more likely to buy a red blouse instead of a blue blouse because you have a memory that someone told you how wonderful it was in the red blouse many years ago, this may be cognitive distortion or positive effect. That does not hurt either. Other biases, such as testimony of the crime, may change life for the accused. If you look at a man who talks about a murder attempt similar to Charles Manson, you know that Charles Manson knows the guilty guilt. If you learn to determine this distortion yourself, you will learn to understand your way of thinking and become a much better witness.

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