Are your mornings complicated, frustrating, stressful? I do not need it. Just inserting some of these ideas to make your day a happier start.

The primary ideas that come to my mind when designing the low-stress mornings are …

* "Lunch units" (small lunch-sized food packages) and stored in the refrigerator for quick lunch

* pack lunches before the night

* use Crockpot

* as much breakfast as you can

* the night before * decide whether the children (19459003) and will wear the next day and make sure all parts can be worn and displayed

* stop ironing clothes

But think a bit more about larger systems for easier breakfast. Therefore, if you do not already have …

Create a "launchpad"

What I call a launchpad, a place near the door is the one that catches everything, what he brings home and keeps what you want to take with you on your next departure. The launchpad can be a shelf, small table, laundry basket, box, small carpet, carpet space, wall hook series, or anything else that works for you.

It is likely that you and your family somewhere will drop something already, so I really suggest you formalize this place, define it as the launchpad (or whatever you want), and make it your goal goal. It will be one of the objects at home that come and go.

When you brought the stuff home, put it there, and then it didn't go through the whole evening. This includes such great things as gym bags and backpacks, as well as small things (in a pot or bowl) such as cell phones, eyeglasses, wallets and keys. Even in the evening, do things to come with you the next time you leave, and then you have what you need when the time comes – without being anxious ants.

Creating and Scheduling Daily (if Possible) "Administrative Sessions"

Ideally, we should all work every day to work – on processing – on paper that makes the way so relentlessly coming. And I suggest that the ideal: schedule time priority for paper processing every day. But if you can't get honestly every day, or if this notification is too scary, try every second day, every third day, or every week, but make a plan, schedule and follow it. The simple, simple and alternative solution is that the paper will accumulate and maybe be overwhelming. (This seems obvious, but some people are surprised that the paper will not go away if you don't do anything.) Sit in a place where you want it and all the accessories you need to process the paper on your side. If you want, put some music and help with a drink or snack. It then collects all the paper that needs to be processed, which, if you deal with it on a daily basis, cannot be as difficult a day. This paper can come from (among other things) the check file, the box, the correspondence, the items you picked up during the trip, and the things that the family is falling for you.

Throwing, recycling, or cutting up as soon as possible. Invest in time to remove mailing lists at a good price when you don't want to receive mail. Recycling is great, but the main reason is still there because it is still on that direct mailing list. So take a few minutes to write, send an e-mail, or call for a permanent shutdown of the list. This will eventually stop mail items in the future, save some trees, and prevent the correspondent from selling their name to other direct mails, which is just a big, ugly snowball effect.

Also pass on your family members or others if you need to legally send them. Do things when you can do them in less than two minutes. File, if necessary (but economical), then during the administrative session. Don't upload files to the "file" file – just type them in and put them on! And if something takes more than two (or five or ten) minutes to complete, schedule a time to do it. Scheduled things usually happen because they have been made priority tasks, while unscheduled things are usually not executed – they are too easy to ignore or assume to get them one day.

Daily (or even frequent) administrative sessions are not necessarily simple to commit themselves and schedule them, but life savers because they will only work twice as much paper to work on tomorrow. However, if you do not really know a particular working day on a given working day, you should at least integrate into a full session, take care of the papers, take care of any urgency, and do anything from the pile that tomorrow will need for the launch pad today.

How do administrative meetings help breakfast ? If you know that you work with your papers at scheduled times, you can be sure that you are planning on planning rather than delaying and allowing you to leave your day knowing that the world's paper documents are in control.

Overview of Today and Planning Tomorrow

At the end of each day you use paper or an electronic designer, check everything you planned for that day and ask yourself a few questions: [19659002] * "I've completed everything I planned ? '

If so, you deserve a big, fifth and loud "Wahoo!" If not, then it is very normal. However, think why you did not : life was conspiring against you, or had no realistic expectations of how long things could last and how many could you achieve? Or have you almost achieved something, but did not have the tools or tools to do that?

If you can't do everything, you can reschedule these tasks to another day. But especially if you find that you are passing weekly and weekly, this means you don't want to do it – or sometimes you don't know how to do it – and you are delayed. It may seem revolutionary, but wouldn't you do it? Under your current system, it doesn't happen, so what if you accept this reality and decided not to do it at all? Or could you delegate it? Or conscientiously delay it for a day when will definitely do it? Or create a hotkey to make it faster, but still pretty good?

Ask yourself if you have to schedule again tomorrow, next week or next month. In other words, are recurring events or tasks that have to be scheduled automatically at certain intervals so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time they come out?

And finally, has any event or task led to tracking? Schedule now.

* "Where is Tomorrow Available?"

See what you have listed and consider the chronological order in which all things will be done. What is the most efficient order and route? Also, estimate how long each thing lasts and consider whether it really is realistic in your expectations. If you have too much on your disc, you can also admit that you can change your plan and skip the inevitable stress and frustration that I will go tomorrow when you realize you can't do everything.

* "What supplies, materials, or equipment do I need to make tomorrow's plans effective and efficient?"

After you have a schedule that you think you can manage realistically, look at the individual events and tasks and find out what you need to do to do what you need to do. Put all these things on the launch pad tonight. If there is something that cannot be placed there at night – the cool lunch or the huge science-fair volcano that dries in the basement, then take a note to remind you to take it with you in the morning.

Creating "On-the-go Bags"

A diaper bag is an excellent example of an "on-the-go bag" that always contains everything you need for stress, to take care of or soothe a crying child. Apply the same concept to any activity you routinely perform: dedicate a carrying case or bag that you always store to be ready for the gym, pool or yoga class; the child's musical lesson, football or dance lessons; the dog's day center; office; or committee meetings that require a lot of paperwork and binders.

If your bag contains many items, store the inventory list to never forget any content. Reset it as soon as you get home when you use or use something. In this way, you will always have a complete set and ready when it is. Finally, make sure that there is a separate bag for each activity – mixing the different things will be too complicated – and store them (or at least close) to your launchpad.

A good tomorrow begins today. I read it somewhere once and that's true. Planning tomorrow's plans is a huge difference when tomorrow comes. You deserve a sweeter, weaker, lighter start tomorrow morning and you can reach it.

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