You can survive without food for weeks, without days, without water, just minutes without oxygen! But most of us spend very little time on our breath. As the press at the University of Oxford reminds us, "In previous years, breathing was synonymous with life because the last breath was the absence of death and the departure of the soul." Similarly, in the case of yoga, Sanskrit is a prana for air, which also means that life is energy.

When we bring our consciousness to our breath, we slow down and begin to realize our deer layers, thoughts and feelings. Did you know that when we are under stress, some of us really keep our breath? At other times, we just breathed very shallow. We unconsciously stop our vitality and cause even more stress in our bodies. If you begin to exercise conscious breathing (focused on your breath), your body will relax and the mind will be concentrated.

Breath is more than a body function, it can be a strong stress-reducing tool and a reliable friend. It's always there. When you pay attention to it, you are inward, outer, busy and current. Throughout the book, exercising the power of NOW, Eckhart Tolle suggests using the breath as a tool to enter NOW.

Focuses on breath and the mind naturally slows down as the body relaxes. The "monkey mind" is less desperate. Most meditation practices involve some form of breath as they relax the body and focus the mind. Try the following stress reduction strategies.

Useful Tips:

1. Next time you feel tense or confused, move the focus to your breath. Notice that your breath is moving in your body (or not moving when you hold your breath). Then report every breath and exhalation in silence, "One" on inhalation, "Two" on exhalation, and so on.

2nd Try to count only the exhals for a deeper rest.

3rd For greater concentration, focus on the space between breathing. The place where the exhalation breathes and the inhalation will be exhalation, etc.

By exercising breathing consciousness, you can regularly bring peaceful and deep relaxation. As thoughts slow down and the mind becomes clear, they can be aware of the limitations of thoughts, to be free, to give space to new thought patterns, and to connect with deeper wisdom. "Breathe. Let it go. Remember yourself that this moment is just one thing you know for sure" ~ Oprah Winfrey.

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