It is no wonder that so many people have been looking for ways to relieve stress as it has proven that stress shortens life in many ways. Not only will it make you restless, it can ever bring about depression, and even severe problems such as memory loss, weakening of the immune system, and even the development of Coronary Heart Disorder in some cases. While there are various drugs that can be used to relieve stress, there are various physical exercises that you can do to relieve stress on a natural way.

How To Relieve Stress – The Importance of Breathing

Most of us go through our daily lives without even realizing that we do not take the time to breathe properly. While you may not realize it, controlling your breathing can actually control the rhythm of your heart, meaning the slower and deeper your breath is, the more relaxed you are going to be. However, when it becomes a question of how to relieve stress breathing deeply it will only take you so far, as you will more than likely forget to do it after a couple of minutes. Instead of trying to consistently breathe deeply, you should instead try the following exercise.

This is what i refer to as the 4-7-8: you breathe in as much air as you can in four seconds, you hold it in for seven seconds, after which you take eight seconds to exhale everything and empty your lungs. Not only will this exercise clear your lungs (to a certain extent) and provide your body with a large, fresh dose of oxygen, it will make you feel extremely relaxed after doing it two to three times in a row. Take part in this exercise as often as you please, but be sure to at least do it once a day.

How to Relieve Stress – Exercising and Relaxing Your Muscles

Those of you who remember your biology class probably know that whenever you exercise your brain releases endorphins, which are basically natural painkillers. Apart from reducing the pain, they also provide a feeling of extreme relaxation, which explains why you feel sleepy after exercising heavily. Well, as it turns out this little mechanism can go a long way when it becomes a question of how to relieve stress on a natural way. Apart from simply exercising heavily, there is something more specific that you can do as an exercise.

I just like to call this contract and release: as you lay flat on your stomach with your hands and feet stretched out, flex all your muscles as hard as you can for ten seconds, and then relax and let your limbs fall to the ground. After doing this a few times, you will feel a very pleasant and relaxing sensation surging through your entire body, effectively reducing your stress levels.

All in all, while it is true that you can make use of various drugs and medicines when it becomes a question of how to relieve stress, there are some simple and natural measures that you can take that will make your life much less stressful, allowing you to live longer.

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