I see many people who are really trying to make a difference in their lives by consciously applying different personal development principles, but without significant success.

When I look further at what is missing, there is a lack of unbelief and self-esteem that seems to erase their best efforts. The reason is that the subconscious is like a huge tape machine that shows the embedded messages of our previous experiences.

At the childhood stage, the mind is more impressive than in later years. At the same time, the conscious mind remains a small part of the processing of things.

I have read many teachings that say that whatever we suggest to the subconscious, he says yes. to. However, if there were so many, we talked to success much sooner.

The experience that tends to play is that one consciously tries to affirm something positive for the subconscious mind, and what comes from their inner voice is more like good!

With this common scenario, the question is how to train the subconscious mind to work with the conscious mind. Here are some thoughts on both aspects:

1. Anything we ask ourselves to consistently develop the mind
2. Information is more rooted when the brain is in the alpha state – a calm state of consciousness
3. Frequently and regularly presented information will transform.

They wrote a lot about brainwave penetration that strongly contributed to the mind's renewal. Brainwave penetration is a form of sound technology that, in silent mode, induces alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states.

The alpha state is also known as calm state of consciousness. When information is presented to the brain in this state, whether it be audible or subconscious, the information is more rooted.

George Lozanov, a former supporter of accelerated learning, has carried out extensive experiments and proved that when information is presented to the brain, there are as many punches as the brain is alpha, significant changes occur in learning performance.

The common use of brainwave propagation is to use statements in a less audible manner (subductive) on the various topics presented to the brain in the background of the sound tracks that are used to insert alpha-brain waves. Other programs such as the centerpointe program and the super mind academy program go beyond the penetration of the alpha brainwave to include theta, delta and gamma brain wave states.

Many of these numbers can be heard when going to sleep because the subconscious continues to process the information. Combining subconscious theoretical training and conscious personal development, powerful gifts can occur as the brain transforms to a higher level of operation.

By combining the two strategies, I have experienced significant shifts and recommend using daily brain waves in some form. Frequent and regular daily exposure is more effective than one week.

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