The simple act of doing a few minutes a day can do something that stimulates the brain and can help maintain mental acceleration. The secrets that force you to think in a non-conventional way are good ways to help maintain mental ability.

Preaching is a kind of brain mass, where the answer to the question is not always visible. Quotes from ancient times are a way to compare testing and spirit and to preserve man's tension. For example, it would be a mystery: "What kind of animal does the best time?"

The question is a bit misleading (and there before you make a good riddle!) Because when asked, most people are likely to start thinking about different animals and to be able to keep time. Maybe they might think "hm … cats? Monkeys? Snakes? Fish?" since they go through a list of big animals and they will probably know that none of these animals can keep time because the mystery requires a different approach.

The answer to the mystery is "guardian!" Get it? The question was not deliberately taken literally, as most people originally understood, because the answer is simply a word game. Hours are used to save time, so a giant dog is the animal that takes the best time.

Studies have shown that people who spend a few minutes a day trying to solve puzzles or other brain teasers score better IQ tests over time and age because forcing the brain to work in this way causes it to stay "fresh" while maintaining efficiency in synapses.

Some people who work on the train each morning do some poisoning while riding while they are getting ready for work. Some companies send some registers to their staff every morning and help "warm up" employees. brain.

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